Kyle Rittenhouse

I have been watching and listening to the Kyle Rittenhouse case for the last few weeks and watched the televised event the night it happened. Tell you what, Kyle did the world a favor in ridding our world of the Child Molester 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum of Kenosha, a felon, and Skateboard Killer 26-year-old Anthony Huber of Silver Lake, Wisconsin, also a felon, who had been in prison multiple times, once for choking his brother in 2012. These two are simply criminals that the world will never miss.

Now the 3rd one, Gaige Grosskreutz, who once had two healthy arms but now only one; we can now assume he wont be carrying a gun anytime soon as Kyle blew much of his arm off when he shot him. Shot him for pointing HIS own gun at Kyle. Had Rittenhouse not acted the way he did, he would likely be dead! Huber hits him with a skateboard, A DEADLY WEAPON. (Prosecution denied that a skateboard is a deadly weapon) That man outright lied. Hell, everyone in law enforcement is trained that anything can be a deadly weapon: a toothpick, a simple little copper penny, all potential deadly weapons.Hit me with a skateboard with the intent to hurt me, and I would shoot you too. That thing could absolutely kill you! And the Child Molester was actively trying to kick or strike Kyle with his feet and or hands, both deadly weapons. Seriously, who would, or will, miss either of these two people? Kyle Rittenhouse should get a statue put up in the front of theKenosha City Hall for doing a great job of ridding the world of two convicted felons, but he wont because he is white and not a criminal. The hilarious part is that the kid with the gimp arm and the families of the two felons were likely hoping for some money from Rittenhouse or his family if found guilty. hahaha hahaha, they will get goose eggs. (What is it with Goose Eggs and me? We are watching hundreds of geese every day fly overhead from Canada heading south, maybe that is it.)

You’ve been warned.

So, in my opinion, Kyle Rittenhouse did a good deed and should be rewarded, and will be when he goes after all the media players who slandered him.It was not done in a jocular way; it was done to try and get him convicted for defending himself. Why was Grosskreutz not arrested for brandishing a handgun? It was Grosskreutz whose behavior caused him to now have a useless arm. Behavior that he will always live with, and Kyle Rittenhouse will be rich and still able to carry and shoot a gun. America really does get it right sometimes. Grosskreutz should get a bumper sticker on his car that reads, Point a gun at someone, and you will get shot. There is an upside to this, Grosskreutz can park for free in the handicap parking spaces at the hospital that he goes to for therapy!

God Bless Kyle Rittenhouse and the brave women and men on that jury, that day, they all did Gods work. Gods work in telling criminal organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa that they were going to do the right thing and not sacrifice another young white adult to prison for doing nothing more than protecting himself. Unlike the Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was sacrificed to appease the negro community. For sure, Chauvin made some very serious errors. However, murder? Bullshit! I, and thousands of police officers and deputies, have done the exact same thing during our law enforcement career. However, once under control, I always got the criminal up and in a seating position till I was ready to transport the criminal to jail for booking.


So here is my take on the subject. Its simple. When a white person kills a person of color, they are automatically looked at as guilty. It is a fact in todays world; whether you are a law enforcement officer or a private citizen, you are in jeopardy. Let me make myself very clear. You point a gun at me, you try to attack and hurt me, or you enter my home with what I interpret as a threat to do harm to me or my family I am going to try my best to kill you. No way am I vigilante or a fanatic, I am allowed by law to carry a firearm, and as a former peace officer, I know what I can and cant do. Never will I be victimized by anyone with the intent of doing me bodily harm thatI wont take on to try and neutralize the threat. See, it is as simple as pie. Talking about pie, God, I love a good tart cherry pie. Blueberry pies, too, with a little vanilla ice cream. Oh, and a good apple pie with some Wisconsin cheddar. I am going to take a nap and dream of pie.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 22, 2021
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