Congrats Ben, Happy Birthday Lisa

Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, has decided to exit the firm that he was a Partner in words only. Actually, funny game some law firms play. That is a story for another day. Benjamin Valencia II, Esquire, is taking a verse out of a classic Johnny Paycheck song, Take This Job and Shove It. This is solely my interpretation; I have not asked Ben for his thoughts on this big move. I dont have to. You might say I had a ringside seat. Remember, I predicted Bens rise to a partners position over 15 years ago on this very site, Before I forget, HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY to Lisa Helfend Meyer, the founding partner, and the power and brains behind Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers.


“Don’t go into the light!”
“They’re here!!”

Ben is joining forces with one of my favorite lawyers, Roxana Taghavi, Esq, another one who saw the light and jumped into the light, leaving Meyer, Olson, Lowy, and Meyers, LLP, years ago. Roxana will tell you that she never looked back, nor did she ever regret making that move. This great news was reported to us recently, and as I have previously stated, not surprising.





** Ben, I would love to sell you my Bentley Arnage. My new 2021 Bentley Bentayga S is arriving in the next three weeks! Then you would have a convertible and a four-door!!!


We got cute lil ducky floaties if you need help floating…

Nothing better in life than building your own law practice, as a dear friend of mine wrote in the title of his song, I did it my way. You get to do as you see fit and take the leap that has made others in the same DIVORCE game millionaires, so why not you. So often, partners take glee and pleasure when screwing you, a junior partner or employee, when it comes to getting a raise or even acknowledging your good work. When it is all yours, that aint happening no more! To some degree, you are free. Yes, free to pay all the overhead, all the support staff, and not have to put up with nitwits and screwups.



The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out…

A fine example is all the screwups that some firms have on their staff with the same last name(s) as the partners. Did I mention that many are family members of partners? Oh, yes, I did. I am not talking about sons and daughters that go to school and become contributors to the firm; of course not. That is admirable and should be rewarded. Every parent should be very proud that a son or a daughter followed in their footsteps, someone to take over. Unless you just cant let go until you are resting in a box rotting as you take the infamous dirt nap.




She’s with stupid, so she’s with me

What we are speaking of today are the husbands and sometimes parents. I must differentiate here. When we have older parents who have done well, and they can come into the office and help with small tasks, that is a true blessing. When you have parents, you can see every day and work with them; you are, in fact, blessed. The laughable point is when you have a husband, or in some cases, a wife, who are either too stupid to hold a real job on their own or are just so Fn Dumb that words dont describe how stupid they really are! So dumb to the point that they dont realize they are dumb, and they truly are the kings and queens of the stupids.



** One of the principles of the firm used to tell me how her hands were tied in having this hockey puck working at the firm because he is the husband of a partner. What can I do? I would assume that there is an IT person who is not a fan of this nut gatherer either. Discount?




Congratulations to Benjamin Valencia II, Roxana Taghavi, and their new firm. Good Luck, bright futures, good health, and maybe you, too, will have a twenty-percenter in your future. Humph. I bet if you offered 22% … never mind, not going there. We all wish you both all the good fortune you can bill and collect!


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 14, 2021
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