The China Virus

“Political Correctness” will be on the death certificate of America if Americans do not wake up. If you think that for one second that China did not attack America with the Covid virus, then you should get government support for a serious lack of intelligence. What I am saying is that you are as stupid as you look! Just like the Japs that attacked Pearl Harbor, the Chinese, in fact, attacked America.


What has happened to America, us, was, without a question, an attack on our country by the Chinese government, known and unknown individuals. I further believe that members of our own government had a hand in making this work as well as it did in an attempt to take down America as we know it. In particular, it was at a critical level to remove President Donald J. Trump from office. This was an act of survival for the Democrats. President Trump had denied the Democrats any access to the oval office and thus the power to make deals with hundreds of millions of dollars for their own interest.  My position on Muslims cannot be any clearer. Interesting, too, is the attitude and behavior the Chinese have towards Muslims. The interaction should be interesting, and believe me, it is a fact that the Chinese want to move in when America moves out of Afghanistan.


I mention the relationship between the Chinese and Muslims in so much I think it is fair to say that the Chinese are not fond of Muslims. The proof is the thousands of Muslims the Chinese have interred into concentration camps to try and get them to think right. As soon as that is accomplished, they’ll work on stopping the tides and waves of the world’s beaches.  The connection of the two is simple; they both have a common interest in destroying America at all costs. Muslims don’t care if it takes a hundred years, their plans are definitely a long play plan. What the Chinese did was very clever if you look at it from afar. No, they did not use a nuclear device, of course not. The sneaky bastards don’t function that way; a knife in the back is more their style.


Somehow, some opportunists decided to give China control of America’s pharmaceuticals, as well as critical technology. Remember Silicon Valley? Cupertino? San Jose, California?  All were pretty much decimated as work and research disappeared over to rice land!  Now look at what is going on, America’s auto industry is being hammered over the issue that there are no chips for new cars being manufactured.  Call me whatever you see fit, this is all a plan to destroy our economy, with the help of Democrats, and to bring America down. What they don’t understand is that at the present time, I can take what they throw at me. I am an American veteran and retired Peace Officer, so I took a few oaths, and I did not take them lightly. Against “All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic,” and believe me when I say there is no shortage of enemies, especially domestic ones.


President Trump called it as it was, The Chinese Virus. The Democrats attempted to do all they could to make President Trump look silly. Silly as in trying to sell the entire country that it was everything but a “Chinese” issue.  Let’s all hope and pray that TRUMP will be back and will be able to undo some of the horrific damage that is being done to all of us who live in this great country.



By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 8, 2021
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