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Many of you will recall my recollection of standing on the bridge of one of my fathers commands and my father telling me, Muslims will always be a problem for the world to deal with. I was only a child, and we were docked in Ethiopia, the place I would celebrate my 13th birthday. It was as safe for Americans back in the 1960s as any place on earth was for Americans. America was an important place, and Americans were respected. I had spent four months onboard The Flying Endeavor and visited countries that today do not exist as they once were named. My father was a true man of the world, spent 60 years traveling the world as a captain in the United States Merchant Marine. Ships in those days were truly spectacular in appearance and accommodations, unlike the ridiculous floating clown boxes that we see floating around the oceans today. Ships like the SS United States, SS France, SS Leonardo da Vinci, NS Savannah, and of course the SS Michelangelo I was fortunate to have had access to these ships, and I still clearly remember the woodwork, craftsmanship, dining rooms, and service that one today could only imagine in dreams.


A century on and we still remember…

To stay on the point of what I am speaking of is the bad behavior of Muslims in the history of the Armenians is a significant one. Please dont forget either if the world had come to the aid of the Armenians being exterminated by the Ottoman Turks, the attempted removal of Jews from the face of the earth could have been different. In his 1939 Obersalzberg Speech, Hitler is quoted who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians. Muslims slaughtered 1.5 million Armenians with little or no thought as to what they were doing. My father, as well as much of my family, would not sit in the same room knowingly with a Turk / Muslim. Old school, racist, or was it a strong memory of what happened to their family members in a time that the world cared less.


The point of this article is just this, The Muslim Problem. America is being invaded as I type this article. Invaded by who, you ask. Muslims and their Islamic agenda. It is as simple as that and this, my friends, is a fact. Those who partake of this barbaric religion will never ever assimilate into the western culture. Again, it is simple. The Quran will have no part of it. Sure, I have heard it all, he or she is a good one, there are good ones. Perhaps. However, it is the beliefs that do not fit into the western culture.


The number of Muslims multiplying is not by convergence but rather by fertility. 1950 1 out of 7, 1970 1 out of 6, 1990 1 out of 5 and in 2020 1 out of 4. Muslims are multiplying in numbers, and it is not by accident; it is with a purpose. Islam is the worlds fastest-growing religion in the world today. Canada has huge numbers due to liberal attitudes, and similar to American politicians, they are desirous of destroying their country. And some states in America are being heavily populated with the intent to control and build their numbers. Americas own laws are being used to dismantle her piece by piece. The Master Plan, as I call it, is in full force and effect.


Invaders, you ask. Absolutely. Every mosque they build is a breeding ground to further take control of the target at some point. The target is whatever country, state, or city that they are directed to populate. This is a master plan of Muslims and those faithful to Islam, and that is world domination. It makes no difference to those in charge of The Master Plan if it takes a week or a hundred years; it makes no difference to the Muslim plan of world dominance. Americas professional politicians have allowed thousands of Muslims from around the world into the borders of America. All of this is being directed by leaders occupying the Arab world pretending to be our friends, no such thing.


I compare this to the infamous Trojan Horse. We are allowing people into this country who have no intention of assimilating into the way of the West. There is no need to sneak in or to come up with a clever trick, absolutely not. With Professional Politicians in charge lining their pockets with secret deals, they are careless for America; we need to rid professional politicians from our midst.


Certainly, they come looking like the beaten down and total victims. This, too, is an art that Muslims have used to work their way into the countries they will at some point try and to take over with their Islamic beliefs. One of the techniques is to act as needy and helpless as possible, and as you gain strength, you take control. This is not a theory of how Muslims work their Islamic agenda; it is well documented throughout history.


Big brother did it, We’re just following the family business…..

Further, how about this. Our good Muslims will welcome any and all Muslim terrorists as if they were long-lost brothers and sisters. How could they resist? Everything they do is in the name of Allah, the Quran, and, of course, Islam; a ticking time bomb for any of todays Western Style lifestyles and traditions. Germany realizes they have a huge problem, as is England, France, and New York City. These friendly Muslims want their own legal system and a security force to replace the local American justice systems with their own along with the police. As to entering these Muslim enclaves within New York City, you do so at your own peril. Another aspect of The Master Plan is the infiltration of all aspects of Western Society, step by step. Local presence in stores and services, government, politics is critical to get over on the Western systems and cultures.


All over the world, we are seeing Muslims taking offices and slowly being sure The Master Plan is being implemented. America has two Islamic Agents sitting in congress as I type. Do you think I am wrong on the agenda? Look at what these two Islamic Agents have said publicly and their thoughts on our ongoing war with Islam. No secrets here; they dont care and speak their mind, protected by the laws of a country that they dont respect: all being controlled to the letter by the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Both are very powerful in American politics, with money and bribes and, of course, having not one but two Islamic Agents in Congress. If you think this was all just a coincidence, then you are as dumb as a bag of bolts.


America is, in fact, under attack as it has never been in the history of our existence. China will be another major issue very likely in our time. God Bless America, and patriots are more needed now than ever before.





By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 8, 2021
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