Bad Sperm and even worse Eggs

“Being a police officer or sheriff’s deputy is a great career choice.” That was the thinking back then, 30-40 years ago. You / I thought of job security, great benefits, and a job that had the respect of position.Well, that is/was a career choice that many now have been questioning for the last several years. Certainly, not all blacks, in and out of ghettos; however, certainly a sizable portion of them do survive at being criminals. You may ask how I came to this conclusion? It is a fact many, many members of this community (African American / Black or ?) like being criminals. For them, it is a job, just like police officers have a job. I have spoken to hundreds of criminals through the years, not only blacks. It is necessary to make clear that I had respect for several; Felix Mitchel was one I won’t forget. He was from Oakland, California, and was tall and thin with glasses. This young man was as smart as they came and had balls like Godzilla. And like so many, would die in State Prison for a cigarette. No question in this peace officer’s mind, it was a hit.

Through my years working in custody and as a uniformed police officer, “I like making other people’s stuff mine,” a direct quote from one little black thug, as true a puke bag if there ever was, has stuck with me. To this day, I would have considered it an honor to blow this asshole away if I had ever caught him crawling around my home! Many good men and women working as peace officers have been sacrificed to appease the black populace and the Hispanics. And for what? What we have now is white officers wondering how they will survive a shift, or for that matter, will he or she ever get to retirement alive or with their freedom in place. Oh, I hear you now, what about this or that? I say bullshit. Knowing the difference between bullshit and roses is the problem we have today. Career politicians are killing this country with solid intent, intent on destroying lawmen and women to get their “ghetto agendas” and “illegals” to the polling places for their miserable votes. Frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Formerly known as Wayside

There is no question I can talk about this subject. As a youth, I was privileged to have access to Wayside Max, located in Castaic, California. This was a maximum-security prison within the L.A. County Jail system. My friend, Dan’s dad, was Captain Bill Meenk, which Wayside Max was a part of his command, and who was a guy with a glorious career in law enforcement when being a cop was honorable and good! Career criminals were treated like the garbage they are and successfully continue to be to this very day. When it comes to ruthlessness, it remains the same no matter how much time passes. I got a firsthand look at what danger really was in the course of touring the “Max” and the men and women whose job it was to manage the “animals,” not unlike scum like George Floyd!

Eventually, I would become an “Explorer” with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. The academy was the same place the regular deputies were trained, and we got a watered-down version of that training. Glorious! The academy is, and was, located in East Los Angeles. It was the 70’s, for me, the good old days. God, I miss those days. This would be a steppingstone in my beginnings as a law enforcement officer, or as I liked to be called, “Peace Officer.” I never looked back or regretted that decision; it would benefit me for my entire life. Incredibly, I never had to worry about me having to kill a criminal and going to jail, nor people who were not fit to shine my shoes building a monument to scum bag that I had an obligation to kill.

The ’70s were during the days when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was headed by Peter J. Pitches, one of my all-time heroes. Pitches cruised around Los Angeles in a white Cadillac Fleetwood with two pop-up “cherries” on each front door post. The L.A.S.O. was one of America’s premier agencies; these folks got the job done and had the backing of the sheriff and the people.While on the subject of “heroes,” J. Edgar Hoover, as well as Vladimir Putin, are two other people I consider heroes, and I continue to admire them. Life in America was good for police officers and deputies under the administrations of Pitches and Gates. Yup, I said it, and I, with all my heart, believe this to be the truth. Two great men of law enforcement and are terribly missed to this day.

Animals are sacrificed to appease the demonic demands of the stomach Gods. Mango Wodzak, Topsy-Turvy World – Vegan Anarchy

Law Enforcement officers in America today are damn well all potential sacrificial goats and work daily, never knowing if the “Lottery Trap” will snare them. This is a trap by members of the black community and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics, legal and illegal,who attempt to hit the “blame a cop lottery.” Sure, you have a son or daughter that every day you must wonder why God curses you with this son/daughter, or nephew/niece, or uncle/aunt. You getting my point here? Just simply bad sperm, and even worse eggs! In and out of prison or jail, strung out on every drug in the book, murderers and rapists, drug dealers, and car thieves. Many of them worked the crime statistics to their benefits, much to the chagrin of the chiefs of police and sheriffs of America. B.L.M., Black Lives Matter, really, this whole movement is nothing but a scam being run by some very clever members of the black community, in my opinion. Bringing in millions of dollars in contributions and using that money to enrich their leaders. Not bad enough for scum like Al Sharpton and Da Rev Jessie to do the marching and the jibber-jabber routine, now we have B.L.M. too. Once again, I want to puke when I think of the state of affairs America and those sworn to protect her find ourselves in today. For me, an oath is an oath, and even as a retired Peace Officer, I really know the difference between bullshit and roses!

These are the same men and women who we get to watch on the news every day and night as we, the privileged white, get to watch the mayhem and constant criminal behavior of our “under privileged.” George Floyd was an old con and a legit criminal. Certainly, the only thing one cop did, in particular, that was not a good thing, was not letting this old drug addict up to catch his breath. Keeping him down in that manner was a mistake for sure, but murder? I say bullshit. Floyd was 110 % at fault for placing himself in that position. In my day as a law enforcement officer, I did similar things, and when I could, I certainly would have sat my arrestee up in preparation for transport for booking.That officer was sent to prison for what, doing his job? Millions of law enforcement officers have put arrestees in that exact position dozens of times during a career. How is an officer to know George Floyd was a sick criminal species along with being a career criminal? We certainly don’t do health screening while in the field for the scum we haul to jail! George Floyd was more responsible for his death than the officer!

However, the Floyd family has made millions and is set for life if they play the game right. Games in the ghetto are difficult, and trying to pretend you are now members of a proper society will likely not work well for these folks. Very similar to putting lipstick and face powder on a hog.Victims? Ha! The surrounding community, and every single person who pays taxes, are all victims of George Floyd. Now his family, as far as I am concerned, are all cut from the same cloth as George Floyd. And all this nonsense from the death of one hell of a useless human being, that being George Floyd. Their access to all of this newfound money? I am betting that they, too, will screw all that up in time, fools and their money. Sometimes “stupid” is in the genetics of some of these people, and unfortunately, this too seems to be a fact of life. And it really is hard to fix stupid; I have been told you cannot fix stupid at all. Oh, for sure, The Floyd family will hold it together for a while, and remember, I am betting it will all turn to crap at some point. ** Rodney King got millions, and died broke, and was still a criminal, and again, it was that damn “Police Lottery” that made that ignorant bastard rich. Absolutely incredible to think that those pandering professional politicians who will pay the families of these dirt-bags should make anyone with normal sensibilities disgusted. And the lawyers who specialize in fanning the flames for these million-dollar payouts, you have to agree this is one hell of a system, and it rewards criminals and their equally useless families. Too bad we don’t have “dunking chairs” anymore for these lawyers!

It has come to my attention that I am considered a “racist.” Racist for telling the truth? My white privilege gives me the right to state my opinion, and I do so with every breath I take. And if that makes me a “racist,” then I would accept that opinion with great pride and a big smile. America is in deep trouble, and now they want to take funding away from the men and women who make it possible for us to sleep in peace in our beds at night. God help us all.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 7, 2021
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