M.O.L.M. strikes out, again

Trevor Bauer won, for all intents and purposes, in the civil courts. The judge found his accuser and her lawyers were not going to prevail in their attempt to get money! His career, I am thinking, is going to take a severe hit. Remember, we live in times where black crackhead criminals get statues to honor nothing, and the rest of us, who are taking advantage of our white privilege, are insulted every time we turn the news on.


The Liar was represented by a local divorce firm in Southern California. One of those lawyers in the early stages of this shit show was Marc Garelick, Esq. I have personally known Marc for many years, and when it comes to lawyering, he is a bright spot in the firm that he is a partner with. He is well-spoken well dressed, and he has a presence in court as his knowledge of the law is recognized by many sitting judges and his peers. Marc was the spearhead when M.O.L.M. was looking to gain a foothold in Orange County. To make it even clearer, if there was no Marc Garelick, there would be NO M.O.L.M. in the OC, and that is a fact. Youth, in this case, is not wasted on the young!


What kinda doctor are you again?

Dont get me wrong here; the truth is important to us at DESPERATEEXES.com, and when I say Marc Garelick is the powerhouse in the Orange County office, here is a reality check, if there was no Marc Garelick, there would be no M.O.L.M. in Orange County. One must wonder when Mr. Garelick will realize his true worth and do what so many have done, grab for that gold ring. Note: We were told that Mr. Garelick was not present when his partners got trampled by the highly talented and competent lawyer representing Mr. Bauer, Shawn Holley, Esq. ** it was reported to DESPERATEEXES.com that Meyer and Olson walked out of that courtroom looking like they had shared a lousy hoof surgeon for Hammer Toes.


Marc Garelick

Sometimes, maybe a stallion or two should show up in court and represent a client instead of two old mules looking for a feed bag. Hell, Eric Meyer, Benjamin Valencia, or how about Marc Garelick? I am just thinking outside the overpaid ring of egos. Well, the rest is history. Talking about history, I had to fly in the other day for one of my clients birthday parties. This party was in a category all its own. Spectacular would only describe the live entertainers and musicians. The rest of the party, food, and setting was right up there with my fading memories of M.O.L.M. I still stand by my comments over the years that no other law firm in Los Angeles ever threw holiday parties like M.O.L.M. or fed you as nicely, too!


Thank god, my speaking my mind about how terrible a lawyer Samantha F Spector was/is ismy humble opinion! When it comes to personalities, lampshades have bigger personalities than the 20. I actually love my opinions more than parties, and I read the note twice and made up my mind immediately what I was going to do. A few months earlier, I would not have made it to one of the greatest M.O.L.M. parties at Mr. Chows! As you all know, I will not be attending anymore anythings on M.O.L.M.s nickel. That you can take to the bank. Lots of other nickels and dimes out there, however, and a few are actually friends of mine, real friends.



By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 14, 2021
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