The Goose that doesn’t lay golden eggs


These are all words that are becoming banners for the law offices of Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers as of late. There was a time, I am guessing, that occasionally someone brought home the bacon bits, and what goes better with bacon bits than nice fresh eggs. Well, it would seem Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer, and Doreen Olson are becoming real pros with the harvesting of Goose Eggs. This year we will have a few thousand Branta Canadensis, aka Canadian Geese, on our land up by the Canadian border. BTW, harvesting any wild eggs is illegal. So, if you want to have a dozen or so BIG Goose Eggs, go hang out at Lisas office, or even better, just for laughs, retain thefounder herself. Be sure to ask for a side of bacon with those Goose Eggs.

Stay away from my eggs!!

The most recent goose egg was that of Lisa Helfend Meyer representing, along with Doreen Olson, Ms. Hill, aka Victim (not her true name). Due to an ongoing sexual case (LMAO) and the nature of this type of case, the victim is protected, and I hope the media and we will also extend this courtesy. Ms. Hill is todays winner of a Goose Egg.I wonder why we dont just reference her as Ms. Liar or just The Goose? Oops, Did I mention that Meyer & Olson represented the accuser of Trevor Bauer? His accuser. Oh, victim had big plans of getting really rich, really fast. Accusers lawyer, Lisa Helfend Meyer, and the ever-present Sunshine were so outgunned for sure by Bauers attorney, Shawn Holley, Esq.Ms. Holley practices both civil and criminal law. When dealing with a true super lawyer, I am surprised that Lisa Helfend Meyer did not hire a competent co-counsel to go up against Holley. (we all know that useless co-counsel is often present in many of Lisas cases, sitting like a lampshade directly to her right at the table) M.O.L.M. does have a few decent lawyers. However, without any lawyers in the category of Shawn Holley, this was nothing short of a slaughter.I would have brought on someone like Susan Wiesner, or Nathalie E.A. Paluch, or Kent Goss. Maybe all three? Now that would have been some legal knowledge and power to take Holley.Poor old Lisa and Dor looked like General George Armstrong Custer, wondering where all those goddamn Indians came from. In this case, it was the Holley Tribe.

Nothing but pitts here…

Shawn Holley, Esq., has represented damn near all the big names: Richie, Hilton, Jackson, Shakur, Odom, Pratt, Moore, Snoop Dog, The Game, Mike Tyson, and the list just goes on and on. Not just represented these megastars and names, also got great results. Ms. Holley is what the world of real law looks like, serious and takes no prisoners. The accuser had emails stating, I am going to be rich, 50 million and a Range Rover. Not accurate, but close enough.Materially misleading was also heard in reference to the Victim. This little lady is 27 years old and is from San Diego, it is reported, and it came to light that Trevor Bauer banged her in the old Poop Shoot. Yup, he did, and damn, she said that he did it with no consent. BAM! OMG, he is lucky he did not fall into that dark and mysterious place and get transported to San Diego in aShit Show. It was a crapshoot. Accuser looking to get lucky, and her lawyers hoping they could push this through for an even bigger payday for themselves.We know Holley got paid well. MOLMs and their client got a bowl of pits. We already know their client was fresh out of cherries.

You’re looking at an absolute zero I’m not the devil but I won’t be your hero

0?”One of the paid mouthpieces, a Forensic Nurse Examiner,said that the victims vagina looked like it was used for a TOM TOM (my thoughts); the vaginal area was soooooo bruised. I am guessing Trevor Bauer played Whack a Mole with Victims vagina. Vaginal banging, Anal banging, this poor victim at this rate will need extra money for a nip and a tuck, as well as diapers, so she doesnt leak on those long drives to San Diego.It was reported that Bauer choked her with her hair, wow, and she came back a second time as she did not learn with the first encounter. It was soooooo terrible that the victim came back for another one of them PooTang Bangeroos. You cant make this up! For Bauer, it must have been like that game Whack-A-Mole, except he was playing Whack-A-Vagina andWhack-A-PooTang, all the while choking the victim with her own hair!Getting choked? Not politically correct here folks, you all know me. This victim insults that description. Victim knew exactly what she was doing and likely eating an apple in between sessions.She should wear a Me Too button on her blouse like so many of those phonies who went for the big payday.

Unfortunately, the victim hired the wrong lawyers (M.O.L.M.) for the task at hand. First mistake. The other major problem was that the Honorable Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman is well-liked by many lawyers who come before her and is one of those bench officers who seldom get it wrong.



By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 21, 2021
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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