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I am a little embarrassed to have not written of someone on DESPERATEEXES.comwho is knocking the world of DIVORCE out of the park! (LOL between Lisa Helfend Meyer and Stacy D Phillips, it could be an entirely new blog Beauty and the Beast, and let us not forget about 20) After all, is the place to get the truth on anything involving a DIVORCE.

Let me say this. IF Kelly Clarkson had been represented by Judy Lynn Bogen, Lawyer, I truly believe that the result for her would have been different. $200,000.00 a month in support? Hell, Kelly Clarkson could have got that result in propria persona. You dont need to pay a lawyer hundreds of thousands for that result! Granted, the support and how the number is derived is pretty much written in the guidelines in the world of DIVORCE. However, when it comes to knowing the law and being able to present a case, few can come close to the ability of Ms. Bogen. Bogen has over 40 years of knowledge of the law and experience on how to present the law in the ugly world of DIVORCE. As I have previously stated many times, watching Judy Lynn Bogen in court is never, ever boring. Fall asleep, and she will wake you up!

Judy is one of the funniest people on the planet. She has been there and done that and can swap stories with the best of them, including myself! I recall one time having to send some agents to Burning Man. For me, I was not the least bit knowledgeable about what Burning Man was or how to start. Judy shared with me some thoughts on the place as she and her friends many years ago had attended the event.Her recollection and insight were invaluable to our assignment.

Several years ago, Judy decided to make some changes in her life and set off on her own.She had been a partner with a very high-profile DIVORCE firm in Beverly Hills and felt it was time for a change.Judys practice today is booming, and if I have to say so, I predicted that she would be one of the go-to sole practitioners, and she is. Judy, like others, would be successful no matter where she set up shop in this world.

When you hire Judy Lynn Bogen, Esquire, you get Judy Lynn Bogen, Esquire. You dont get hit with an associate showing up to get his or her hours for the month logged in on your dime.

Bogens reputation as a tough adversary is well earned. Bogen is old school, 40 plus years and counting. Unlike many of the up-and-coming newbie DIVORCE lawyers, she does not shoot from the hip. This bullshit technique is rather common for some of the newbies to try to be cute. Being cute in the hopes that the bench officer is not up on DIVORCE law and can get by with whatever they are trying to pull, using legal shenanigans.Try that with Judy Lynn Bogen, and she will stick whatever you are trying to sell in that infamous place where the sun does not shine!

She is not one to be played with, and her reputation amongst other lawyers is that it will not be a day at the beach dealing with her. You want to play nice and be real, and then you might get an opportunity to share a cup of tea at the beach with Ms. Bogen. That is if she, of course, feels like it.

Not sure what to do, call Judy at 818-788-8100. Dont be too shaken with the 818-area code.Due to her not wanting to spend hours on the freeway commuting, she found a fabulous office, one that she is comfortable in, and not making ridiculous commutes no more. Always doing the right thing!


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 30, 2021
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