UPDATED: My acquaintance, Thanatos

Death has always been a step away from my life. The first dead person I saw was a woman who fell to her death while trying to clean a window. She had seated herself on the sill of a third-floor apartment outside of Boston. I can recall it was above a Variety Store. A variety store was a place that you would go to buy groceries, newspapers, and a cold soda or penny candy. I was just a child, but I can still see her laying in a pool of blood, her apron still in place, and blood pooling around her head. There was a time when women wore aprons as they did housework and prepared meals.


Later, of course, I would become an embalmer. Like most things I would do in my life, I was a natural at it. I am sure I could still clear a case today if I had to. I still have all my surgical instruments to this day. It is an art form, you know, to get the right level of fluid into the extremities to prevent decomposition from setting in sooner than later. It was a great job as I could live in the apartment provided within the mortuary and had great parking for my car. I always looked very comfortable in my black suits, along with knowing how to sport a great tie, and the shoes, always shiny! On the other hand, no one ever saw us with blood all over our smocks and the nasty mess that went on in the prep room! Those damn aspirators were a very unpleasant situation when they unclipped from the siphon; horrible is not a strong enough word. Nasty? Those unfortunates who died on the toilet or attempting to take a shower, horrible scenarios. Not so much the act of dying but not being found for several days.


Another interesting aspect from those days was working with the coroner and making removals for that office of the coroner. Yes, mortuaries would rotate First Calls” to work with the coroners office to make removals from scenes of some gruesome suicides. Another memory I seem to be able to recall clearly. Well, back to what I am trying to get done here. As a cop, I had to deal with fatalities on the highway and, of course, the occasional homicide. I was not a homicide cop as you see depicted in some major cities; we just handled the case as a beat cop. Sometimes it would be turned over to the local sheriffs office as they had the resources and ability to handle a homicide. I still recall clearly having two young Hispanic males who were hit head-on while driving. They both died in my care as I attempted to help them. That day was a bad one.


In my 28 years of working as a private investigator, I have handled three questionable deaths. There was Kosturus, Yepremyan, and Kelly, and I have now received a new case. The name on this case is going to remain unpublished. I have the initial police report, and I have the Coroner’s Report. A flashback to the days of working with and observing autopsies, another experience I cannot wipe from my memory.


This new case involves what was classified as an overdose, and to some degree, because of the way the V died, it was just a kiss-off by a local police department down San Diego way. I am not mentioning the police agency out of respect for them to have the opportunity to correct their mistake. I want to be fair before I lay it all out. It seemed simple enough a young man who, in fact, was an addict who dies of an overdose is not exactly a big deal to most detectives and or coroner investigators. Cops show up; there is a body. It is, in fact, an overdose. Even the San Diego County Coroner shows up, and they are all on the overdose bandwagon.


The Predator!

What these two law enforcement agencies missed was my predator lurking in the background. I have the text messages between my predator and my victim that had someone paid a little attention, could have read between the lines! The predator makes contact with his targets in an attempt to have sexual relations with them. Proof? Absolutely, I have the communications and the word games that were being played by my predator and the young man who would, in just a few hours, be dead of the overdose. My predator, if you will, at several points, talks about drugs and how he likes to share. He describes his penis and the size; my V tells him clearly that he is not interested in any homosexual interaction. V does say, Hey, we can hang out but no sex.


The predator clearly reads all of this and more but has already planned what is coming and makes his moves when V is in a state of euphoria from the drugs that are plied on him. My predator states clearly, you dont remember cuddling?, you dont remember kissing me?. (note: I have the actual communications between the two of them) The predator was at one time an employee of a school district and is in his 40s; it seems he likes younger men; my V is in his late 20s.


What ends up occurring, I believe, is that the predator brought the drugs and injected those very same drugs and inadvertently kills my V. Very similar to the John Belushi overdose/homicide. Unfortunately, the detective in charge just interviews my predator by phone and does little to connect the dots. Why? Frankly, I have no idea why this detective did not check further and try to connect the dots; the facts literally jumped out at me as to what really happened. Mr. Detective had a great opportunity to bring some justice to a young man who was trying to clean up. How do I know this? My Vs mom tells me all that she attempted to do to get her son well, and I believe her.


Upon discovering what he (predator) has done, in overdosing the V, he now sits and tries to figure out a way out! There was no DNA collected, and I think that was a potential big miss. The Vs sister happens to knock on the closed door of her brothers (Vs) room and hears what she thought was a females voice say, we are sleeping. It is the predator. Not giving it any further thought, she goes outside and washes her car. Upon completing the car wash, she leaves the driveway, and moments later, we see our predator leave the house. Another interesting twist is this, stay with me; my predator later tells my Vs mother that V had walked him to the door and let him out. This is a lie. You cant see the V in our video, and the predator is seen walking away as he parked farther away. Further, my V is a person of habit and always likes to go out and have a cigarette. Not today, however, as he is lying dead in his room, now alone.


What puncture wound? I see nothing! I know nothing!

Note: when the detective arrives, he finds nothing that would support an injection, even though there is a fresh needle puncture on the V. Why you ask? Did the V clean up prior to his death? No, of course not. The Predator took all the evidence of what he had done with my V and cleaned up the crime scene when he left. He should have some knowledge seeing that he works as a medical staff person for the Veterans Administration. Due to his arrest history and being an addict himself, I do not believe he is a registered nurse.


Now the fun part to support my position is that this is a plan that the Predator loves to act out. I have found another potential V of the predator, yup, yup, except he is alive and breathing and looks very similar to the V that was overdosed. My Predator certainly has a type and provides drugs to get close to his victims; I have the proof very clearly.


The problem as I have interpreted it and the current situation is that cops will often kiss off an overdose just to clear the books of the death. Just because someone is an addict does not give anyone the right to bring them drugs and then inject them and kill them so as to have sexual relations with them. Was this murder intentional? I do not believe so. Has this happened before? My predator and his desire to get his victims loaded so as to have his sexual pleasure with them is the fact that you can take to the bank. Upon returning back to California, I will be meeting with the Chief of Police of the agency that was responsible for investigating this crime, and I am hoping we can come to an understanding. What may that be, you ask? That I have found a predator who likes to have sex with young men who are, for all intents and reason, may well be drug addicts and straight gives them drugs and gets off sexually with them willingly or unknowingly.


Once I meet with the chief of police, and we can put this case together appropriately, I will discuss more in further detail, only after all is said and done.

Update: I find this case very interesting. It remains on my radar, and in fact, I am doing some more investigation down San Diego way this week. Keep checking back for updates on this case.





By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 11, 2020
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author

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