The Wonderful World of Divorce

The Wonderful World of Divorce and those who reap the incredible rewards are quite a bunch. Over the years, we have often heard of female-owned and run DIVORCE firms and how understanding and compassionate such a group could be. Family Law, even the sound has a certain calming effect, much more so than the real word is, DIVORCE!


When you are looking for a DIVORCE lawyer, let me be the first to warn you, do not get caught in the trap. Trap, you ask? Absolutely! One firm comes to mind very vividly. No matter what you ask, the response is yes to damn near all your request. Will I keep my house, Can I have sole custody of my six kids, What will I do for money, the response will be, yes, of course, we will work on that to get you to sign a retainer and fork over some big cash! What you should do is record them. Choices, choices. You could tell them that you would like to record them in lieu of taking notes so that you have a clear record of all the promises and misleading that goes on in those initial meetings as you choose a DIVORCE lawyer.


Keep on eating *cha-ching*

I recall one interview I did 25 years ago involving one of the leaders of the DIVORCE world. My new client had taped the initial interview without the knowledge of the DIVORCE lawyer and all the things he said would happen. Of course, nothing good happened except my potential new client spent several hundred thousand dollars and was not any better than when he started. Well, that did not make the DIVORCE lawyer very happy as some of what he had said was potentially troublesome for him. As luck would have it, the tape got erased due to an unfortunate mistake, and that BAR complaint too disappeared along with all those sign right here chit-chat. The victim of that recording was a dear friend of mine. God rest his soul.


The other big red flag is all that expensive stuff you are looking at, or that good eating, or those big fake smiles, all of it is going to cost you! Big fancy office, big fancy stuff, that very well-furnished conference room, that too, you will pay for, all of it.


In my day, we use to park the wagon and lay under it….

That well-dressed old bag with another facelift (just got another), all the while assuring you all will be fine, is likely blowing smoke up your ass. She is an old pro! This one founder of a large DIVORCE firm has had so many tucks, snips, and facelifts that she can go snorkeling without using a snorkel! It would also appear that those fabulous high heel shoes, too, are coming to an end. She has become a wobbler. Very similar to that miserable, knocked knee witch Flips. The sad thing is that many of these weight-conscious old hustlers can hide quarters in the folds and wrinkled skin on their hands. (fix that tired old face, kind of, cant do too much to those old hands) Talking about old, Lisa Helfend Meyer and her ever-present sidekick The 20, evidently managed to find a reason to rid themselves of Laura Wasser as Dr. Dres Lawyer! (Wasser had to be giving Lisa Meyer sleepless nights, and at Lisas age, that cannot be good.) All perfectly legal, and it had to be nothing but a lucky finding on behalf of Nicole Youngs legal duo What and Where.


Not to worry, Dr. Dre has already repaired the misstep and hired Joe Mannis of the firm Hersh Mannis. This is all good. Mannis is one of the most respected lawyers in Southern California, and he knows the law. He will have no trouble dealing with Wrinkles and her sidekick The 20. It would appear that Dr. Dre has already been soaked for close to $3,000,000.00 in less than 12 months. This is, as always, an abuse of the 2030 requirement and is jumped on by many lawyers, even ancient ones. The 2030 requirement was meant to give both litigants an even playing field in having qualified counsel. (as we see here, it does not work) However, often it is abused and played with by opportunistic DIVORCE lawyers. What and Where wanted $5,000,000.00 at one point for the fees they would drum up. It would appear these two will get that number little by little.


Where’s the money?

I am sure The Lamp Shade, aka Samantha Spector, is very pleased with all these numbers. Anyone else curious why Dr. Dre should pay for these two hacks representing his soon-to-be X?? You have Wrinkles showing up with her entourage (ALL BILLABLE TIME) and Spector, also billing for her time. Why is Spector present? To get her ridiculous hourly rate? Why? Having Samantha Spector present in court is like carrying a 100-pound bag of rice to China. Better yet, if you paid Samantha Spector $50.00 for every word she spoke in court, she would owe you $1.98 at the end of the day. Does that seem like a fair and equitable situation or abuse of the 2030 requirement? I smell a rat, and the court should put an end to the abuse taking place in this billing, and in this case, Dr. Dre is paying for. This could be you!



By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 30, 2021
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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