Hasta la Vista, California

Well, it was inevitable. I am officially not a Californian anymore. Done! I can only describe the feeling similar to slipping into a pair of Ugg’s slip-ons. I got my new driver’s license, one of those “real I.D.s,” the ones that the government came out with. Sure, you remember due to liberals wanting to appease their supporters, aka a bunch of illegals who have invaded certain American cities. Those lovelies were given drivers’ licenses and identification cards so as to be welcomed in the country they are living in illegally and being who they are using fake credentials. So now we law-abiding, tax-paying citizens have to go an EXTRA STEP, to have an ACCEPTABLE IDENTIFICATION, with legitimate documentation. I say bullshit!


Puppy love. A girl and her doggie.

Ranching and farming have always been a part of my life, and the dogs! The wonderful part of America we have settled in is just incredible. In California, I had to hide the fact that we had two Rottweilers and a Pit Bull or face cancellation of my insurance. In my new home, my insurance carrier could care less what our family pets are. BTW, two of the most amazing breeds in the world. That was until they became popular with our inner-city communities, which damn near destroyed the breed, as is often the case when they touch anything. To all my fans and detractors, please do not get too excited. I am now licensed in three states and still busy as all get out in Cali. When I must, I am in Los Angeles and have some of the best people working on our assignments. When in the L.A. area, I visit my office and often stay at the Peninsula. Love “teatime.” The other fact of life is my Rolls and Bentley require service, and L.A. is the place for these “always in need” motor vehicles to be taken care of. Lucky for me, I have access to a good friend’s personal jet and can be in Los Angeles within 2 hours most days. Otherwise, there is always American Airlines, never my first choice.


Dammit, where’s the money?

For my family and me, we all grew weary of the constant attacks on the police, the homeless, the BLM movement, which is called “The Bowel Movement” around here, and the continuous attack on guns and the ownership of them. The taxes, holy cow, it was just never-ending. My new place is much easier on the pocketbook when it comes to taxation. And guess what, we have no traffic, no traffic. How did I ever deal with that? Oh, of course, the carpool lanes whenever possible. My windows are tinted, and it was worth the gamble. Plus, the cops do not want to be bothered anymore. Between Covid and the liberals, why would they risk their careers for a traffic stop of that nature?


In our new home, we have the right to carry a concealed firearm, with NO permit other than our god-given rights to do so. It is also nice not to have to jump through hoops to get a CCW. No more potential victims in this family! CCW’s are given freely if you are not a criminal. Judges, politicians, and others have the right to carry a firearm in states that deny that same right to the citizenry. How the hell is that right? It is not. All of us have the right to protect ourselves, not just certain members of society. The biggest anti-gunners have armed security while taking a piss and others have it 24 hours a day, yet they deprive us of having the same peace of mind. Pretty messed up, ya think?


There is not one thing I will miss about California, not one. And there are some things I am really enjoying in my newfound home of freedoms. It is the real America that I can recall growing up with as a young man. Freedom to come and go as you feel free to do. No concerns about getting mugged by local thugs as you eat lunch, like in Beverly Hills! Think about it for one minute. The Black Lives Matter movement has put every white person in America at risk, even those dining casually in your liberal-run cities. In my opinion, what some states have done is empower certain criminal and minority groups to victimize those of us who have done nothing wrong but to play by the rules and pay our taxes.


The social desire to “neuter” our law enforcement officers is nothing more than another criminal’s desire, equal to a child’s desire to visit Disneyland! And the radical politicians who support such action will one day regret those decisions. Again, just a prediction. And if truth be told, many police officers and sheriff deputies are becoming victims of generational criminals! Whoever thought? People with extensive criminal histories getting killed, and the government pays out millions to their families! How does this work again?


It’s dark…wait, there some light coming…

When potential victims are armed and utilize the right under the 2nd amendment to protect themselves, criminals will think twice. Why? Of course, there is no fun pointing a gun or knife at someone who can fight back on equal or stronger grounds. Just not California





By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 19, 2021
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