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Recently I was reminded of how highly disliked I am among DIVORCE lawyers. All over the country and especially here in S. California. Really? And I should give a shit why? I am not even sure if I understand why this was even mentioned? Moving along, I have spent too many years kissing up to some of these assholes, and I aint doing it no more. Why do you ask? Cause I am as busy as I want to be, and frankly, flying around the country on a G4 can get tiring at times. ( see photos ) Seriously it is pretty cool the whole process, and I dont think any other private investigator in the United States has ever used private jets as much as I have over the last 28 1/2 years.


An old Beverly Hills lawyer once told me over 20 years ago, you cant make everyone happy. That was a great thought. That thought brought a few memories back to me as when I was a prison guard at Quentin, CIM, and CIW, I realized the word NO was an important word to use. Later as a street cop, I also realized that I could not give a shit about who liked me and who did not; all I had to do was survive the ride. Survive the ride I did. I do not have to work anymore with people I cannot stand! Never in any profession did I give a flying crap as to who liked me and who did not. Oh, for sure, I would get a stinging reality check of how big a faker some can actually be, lol. Lesson learned!


Oh, dont get me wrong, I have people who I adore who are DIVORCE lawyers. Ben Valencia ( no, the firm he is associated with, of course ), Joe Mannis, Neal Hersh, Adam Lipsic, Joe Koenig, Cary Goldstein, Michael Trope, Pedram Mansouri, Judy Bogen, and Susan Wiesner, these are just some of the people who are real friends and people I too adore.


Forgive me if I did not mention a name; my point here is that many DIVORCE lawyers and many others will always be friends to John J. Nazarian. So, when I hear that you are very disliked. By who? People who I would not stop and piss on if they were on fire? Am I to think that this so-called profession I chose is or was to be a cakewalk to a popularity contest? Like I did not understand that many are nice to my face and talk shit about me later? IF I wanted to be loved by all, trust me, I would never have developed and published DESPERATEEXES.com. Did I mention that Most DIVORCE lawyers in Southern California DONT LIKE EACH OTHER and go out of their way to sabotage each other on so many levels?


For example, you may wonder, how about S.A.K.s, Stephen A. Kolodny, DEAD & BURIED, and Lisa Helfend Meyer? Kolodny wrote a letter, I was told, about Meyers “Despicable Behavior” in a Ventura courtroom when a sitting judge sanctioned her to the tune of $50,000.00. Click here for more. Not only sanctioned in Ventura, and on top of all of that, Meyers also suffered a massive loss in her representing Anna Anka. Meyers lost the case in a crushing defeat to a local sole practitioner, Judith Rhodes, Esq., who represented Paul Anka. I mention this only to show how nasty and cruel DIVORCE lawyers can be to each other and others. So, when I hear John, you sure are not very well-liked by a bunch of lawyers, folks, that is as big a badge of honor I can carry!


Since the first of the year, we have had a considerable run of travel to Wyoming, Texas, New York, Mexico, and Italy. And some of this was while I had COVID 19 and had to supervise the crews from my bed! My first bout of COVID 19 was rough, the second bout not so much. once again, I survived, for now. As if the AIDS epidemic was not bad enough, having lost so many of my friends and people I cared about to such an illness, and here comes COVID 19one must wonder why? And if you are a believer in a God, how is this justified?


As much as I hate California and the liberals who run it, the warm weather is much appreciated. Having homes in other parts of the country where the weather is not so pleasant during certain seasons can make an old guy appreciate a sunny day and the sound of his grandkids enjoying his success.



By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
February 19, 2021
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