Well-dressed Asshole

Thomas Vincent Girardi, a founding partner of Girard & Keese, is being reported in the Los Angeles Times as less than honest with his clients money. He (Girardi) stands accused of stealing millions of dollars from vulnerable clients, including Indonesian children orphaned by a plane crash. This thief is 81 years old and thought of himself as above us all, total arrogance that I witnessed back in 2010 personally and up close, too close. Folks, this guy was as a well-dressed asshole as any asshole could be! Just plain old English, and to watch his crashing to earth into a cesspool of reality poop. Honestly, it could not have happened to a better person. And no matter how hard or who Girardi calls, it is not going to get better, but can she sing? And how much did you spend?


How did I get a good strong, and up-close dose of this arrogant son of a bitch? Nazarian and Associates handled the investigation involving the murder of Lauren Ann Freeman at the hands of Ryan Bowman. Ryan Bowman was driving a brand-new Bentley when he ran down Lauren on Sunset Boulevard in the early morning hours of November 10, 2010.


Does this dress make my ass look big?

Laurens family had decided to use pudgy little prairie dog Girardi! On my life, I swear the guy looked like a well-dressed Prairie Dog, his body shape is that of a pear. Truly a little man, oddly shaped, and god had a sense of humor when he assembled this SOB. And those little beady eyes and his fidgeting as if he had ticks very similar to that of a prairie dog scooting from hole to hole. The only thing that was malfunction was the twitching of his nose. (What was Judge Tricia A. Bigelow thinking? It would appear that the Good Judge had Dr. David Matlock do some cosmetic surgery on her and wanted her Beady Eyed Fuck Buddy to pay the bill! And if not, Judge Bigelow, it seems, had another boyfriend with Big Dough )

** Perhaps if you visit Dept.8 / 2nd District California Court of Appeals, bring some dough. Just make sure it is Big Dough.


YESSSSS! Look at my pretties……

Tom Vincent Girardi was very, very full of himself as he walked us around the building he owned at 1126 Wilshire Boulevard. The halls were stocked well with all those Dig Me accolades that many lawyers pay for and get; bullshit awards and photos to hang on the walls of their offices hallways! Tom Girardi makes me think of a truly great man, W.C. Fields. W.C., to this day, haunts a local office in Century City. W.C. Fields had a quote, IT IS MORALLY WRONG TO ALLOW A SUCKER TO KEEP HIS MONEY. Girardi, it would seem, was a fan of old W.C. Fields.


The courts want to know where all the cash went, Old Beady Eyed Tom had more than $80,000,000.00 in the bank! Did he spend it on his wifes music career? Funny, I think of my dear friend and confidant, Miss Peggy Lee. I can hear Miss Lee asking me, John, can she sing? Talk about silly, but when you are old, and you like the title of sugar daddy, you will pay and pay. Dance for me, my Pretty, such a pathetic old goat, so sad, but funny, to say the least. One must wonder, did he sit in the steam room wrapped in a towel throwing quarters at Erika, whimpering, dance, you no-talent hag. Erika Jane, Toms limited talent bed buddy, is said to have been selling her clothes on the internet. Imagine that? Erika has a son that is a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, and I am leaving his name out of this article. His stepdaddy is old I lost my wallet Girardi! It does look like he stole millions and borrowed just as much with no intention or ability to pay it all back? You know those guys who fund lawsuits with the hopes of getting paid grand theft money? Girardi, it would appear, has stiffed a few of them LMAO!


Dance, you pathetic fools, dance…

It gets much better, that Wife stealing Governor Newsom of California is said to have appointed this pillar of the legal community, Tom Vincent Girardi, to a panel that would evaluate potential judges in Los Angeles County. I cant make this shit up! Did I mention Tom Vincent Girardi is a DEMOCRAT? One of them big spender DEMOCRATS who gave lots of money to Sleepy Joe Biden and his V.P. Knee Pads!


If any of you think I take some glee in all of this, I do. I remember the day I met this guy, and I was right. He really was a pathetic old fool, and it just got worse as the years went by. All that money and he could not do the right thing? Spent millions on a no-talent wife and her singing career, gave money away to politicians, and we all know why, cheated with a sitting judge on the California appellate court, hurt hundreds of kids whose parents were killed in a horrific air crash and Governor Newsom had confidence in Tom Vincent Girardi to assist in choosing judges. You cannot make this stuff up. You really cannot.


My secret? Bathing in virgin blood daily…

Maybe one day, when some of you lawyers are rubbing shoulders with sitting judges like you all love to do, wining and dining them in hopes of the wearer of the black robes might acknowledge your miserable existence once in a while. If by chance, the judge is Tricia A. Bigelow ( Tricia is due to sit on the bench till January 6, 2031 ), you might mention how good she looks and if it took Big Dough to look that great. We understand her Honor teaches Judicial Ethics and Fairness. Could I make this up?




Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all,



By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 22, 2020
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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