Welcome Julie McAlarnen

From the ugly and miserable comes a truly wonderful and fresh rainbow! Julie McAlarnen has formed her own law group, and we are predicting that it will be a good place for all my followers to check out! Julie is very smart, obviously, and her background reflects that. Forget about all that horse crap about rising star, Super Lawyer, and up and coming, all that is smoke and mirrors. I, John J Nazarian, am telling you to watch this one, I know!


I met Julie many, many years ago, when she was employed with a group of lawyers in Los Angeles. We worked on cases during that time, and I enjoyed her fresh attitude and attention to detail. I had lunch with her one time in Riverside, and I paid the bill as my birthday was coming and I had to get going. After a few years, the now-deceased SAKs found Julie, and the rest is history.


Some of you might say that I was less than kind to Julie a few times in my reflections in my meandering around The World of Divorce. It was true what I wrote. (I still liked her, others she worked with, not so much!) Julie being the good soldier, did as she was directed in reference to me, and I am good with all that. Hell, I am getting ready to say something nice about Alexandra Leichter pretty soon. See, I am forgiving when you understand that all the smiles and hugs (pre-pandemic) 99.9 percent of the time are all fake!


However, Julie has gone from the world of SAKs and has created her own little kingdom, and I am betting she will be an upcoming DIVORCE lawyer to watch. Please reach out to Julie at 424-235-4161. Julie is in Beverly Hills. Just do not stumble as you enter the building as you will be in Los Angeles.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 22, 2020
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