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Anyone got a fiddle?

Through the years, I have often made referrals to lawyers that I felt comfortable with, regarding their ability to practice law. And in doing so, in a few cases, I made serious errors of judgment in a lawyers ability to do the work, and in the end, I clearly understood they had not practiced enough. Instead of practicing the law, it does seem the focus, and all the worry is about the money rather than the other way around. After 28 years of this horseshit, I have made a few errors. On the other hand, I have made some great referrals (Michael Trope, Esq. / Melanie Shornick, Esq. / Neal Hersh, Esq, / Adam Lipsic, Esq / Michael Collum, Esq.) and many others through the years. BTW, unlike with lawyers, I have never accepted any referral fees from anyone.

Who needs friends when you have 30 pieces of silver?

The biggest mistake in judgment (June 2020) I have ever made in my career was thinking someone was my friend, and just like Judas Iscariot, sold me out after a 28-year relationship. Friendship versus money, and we all know what Judas yes, I have made some judgment errors. The pleasure in all this is, we also know what happened to Judas in the end. 🙂 And just like Cesar, I am going to cross the Rubicon, so to speak, and take the lawyers of this firm on till the end of days. All Hail Cesar. As someone very close to this Judas said, these people value money more than relationships.



Many DIVORCE lawyers are worried about lifestyle for themselves and their wives and or boyfriends. (Not easy getting old and fat for a gay man as it is a youth generated lifestyle) Others try to bust their backsides for their clients (Nadine Jett, Esq. Melanie Shornick, Esq. Judy Bogen, Esq., come to mind immediately). Frankly, as you interview lawyers, you should make it very clear as to what your expectations are, and when you see issues arise that you find questionable, you need to challenge the lawyer as to why?. Failure to do so can get you in a position of harm or water so deep you are drowning in legal fees and realize you are in the same spot as when you started, maybe worse.

“Alea iacta est”-The die has been cast.


These are people or Firms I would never recommend: AVI LEVY, Esq. with the firm TRABOLSI LEVY GABBARD LLP, STACY D. PHILLIPS / BLANK ROME LLP, BERGMAN LAW GROUP, SAMANTHA F. SPECTOR / SPECTOR LAW FIRM. These are just a few of the lawyers and their firms that I would never recommend to my readers. My reasons are several, from the principals’ ability to other issues, and again, this is just my opinion based on comments from readers and my personal knowledge. We will be posting more on this subject in the weeks and months to come.





Who you gonna trust, me or your lying eyes?

Some lawyers are just born hustlers with law degrees, no different than a car salesman always on the hunt for the next high dollar client and are willing to pay to get as close to them at all costs. Did you know that lawyers among themselves pay each other referral fees for your referral to each others firms? And in some cases, it can turn into an annuity. We are fully aware that the state BAR of California is, in fact, looking into some interesting activity that has been reported right here on Sometimes when it does not sound or smell right, go with your gut.

Much more to come on interesting activity and money games to come. Heres a sneak peek on a few articles to come: Several of the largest firms all folded when the principles either became too ill or, in the event of Kolodny, up and died!

Those damn parasites. Now I can only buy 3 sets of clothes and 5 pairs of shoes.


What happens when you have an elderly rainmaker who has to support an entire gaggle of misfits, their salaries, and pay the rent? This must be taking a toll, and when does the bell gets rung? Do not get me wrong here, as you have read earlier, I got my bell rung real good; I injured myself and almost took a serious dirt nap. I spent time in Montana reviewing the calving season for some of our stock. All I need next is to get run over by a horse or cow. Getting old much of the time is not fun, except when…hey, where are my grandkids?






By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 8, 2020
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