Larry M Bakman gets Smacked

Larry M. Bakman gets his hands slapped again with a 2-year probation from the State BAR of California. Larry is a very miserable F&#K of life in the courtroom, not unlike many that he goes up against. And it would appear that he is very much the go-to guy when you want to dip your adversaries in 55 gallons of shit during a domestic violence hearing. Note: having had lunch with Larry years ago and worked with him on the Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, case out of Susan Wiesners office back a few years, Larry is entertaining and is not the same guy you see in court.

I actually like Bakman, as does Stacey Phillips, Esq. and Samantha Spector, Esq., we are told, and to be clear, we are not friends. I also liked Charles Manson as well as many of the Manson Girls. When I say I like Bakman, it is the incredible entertainment he brings to a courtroom. Never have I not been entertained watching this guy practice his trade. Larry must like gals who are knock-kneed. Have you had the opportunity to watch Stacy Flips walk down the hallways at the MOSK? Pretty wild, I have to say. It is like watching a chef at Benihana chopping shrimp! Those oversized stilettos and those knees knocking together, hell it could be a fire hazard!

As I had previously written whenBakman went up against Judge Cochran, a complete failure on his part, but who would pull a stunt like that? Bakman! To watch the fireworks between Bakman and Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq., and Felicia Meyers, Esq., it was a surprise that paramedics were not called.

I like it when they smack me.




Anyways we have attached the article from the Daily Journal. Not Bakmans first smackdown from the State BAR of California, and will likely not be his last.

Again folks, remember we do our very best to seek humor first and always in our writingsand will never not tell the truth! And over the years we have kept selective emails and court documents to assure our accuracy as to facts 🙂

Daily Journal article


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
June 6, 2020
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