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Barky got Snipped

One often looks for something interesting to begin the New Year, and 2020 is a new year, likely one that Larry M. Bakman, lawyer, will not forget anytime soon. Events in history that we wont soon forget, Custer and Indians, Titanic and Icebergs, 9-11 and Muslims, yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre. Well, for this writer, I have an event I will not forget, and all those present in department 63 on this day wont soon forget: Bakman and Judge Steve Cochran, the date, January 3, 2020, approximately 2:30 P.M. Stanley Mosk Courthouse.

For the sake of clarity, the first day I met Larry M. Bakman, we bumped heads, so to speak, over two chairs. Over time I have worked with him through his food chain, DIVORCE LAWYERS. He was a regular at the law offices of Grace Jamra, Susan Wiesner, and, most recently, Sticey Flips, aka Da Hat Philips. (I find him one of the more entertaining lawyers I have ever met. Remember, is for entertainment purposes and laughs, and if you happen to learn something from my writings and ramblings, that too is a good thing.

Just keeps dishing and doesn’t know when to shut the f**k up.

Bakman is like a soft-serve ice cream dispenser with a broken on/off paddle; he just keeps dispensing.Bakman has developed a cottage industry in the DIVORCE world of Domestic Violence hearings. Most, not all, of these hearings and accusations are bullshit and or just an act of vengeance by one or the other litigants. Most, not all, of it is a complete mockery of what is supposed to be justice, and Larry Bakman has his feedbag attached firmly to many of these firms who practice DIVORCE law. Flashback: I remember several years ago when Bakman was with Grace Jamra. Bakman asked me if I could maybe get him to meet with Lisa Helfend Meyer. (for work) Well, Larry, what do you think? You have met Lisa and Felicia, and I think you left a lasting impression on them as they left on you!

It is my opinion that Bakman has never had any respect for any bench officer sitting in the Family Law Division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court system. Zero, less than zero. Larry M. Bakman was a player in the Federal Court System and practiced criminal defense, and you will often hear him speak of picking a jury for a homicide case in some county. I am guessing Larry Bakman dabbles in DIVORCE law to stay occupied while handling homicide cases. (I would love to watch him speak to a Federal Judge or a Superior Court Criminal Court Judge as he does to our DIVORCE law judges) Bakman has a presence and a voice. He knows the sections of the law that are importantfor what he is selling when he attacks. And frankly, I have seen many DIVORCE bench officers melt under his attacks and threats of writs and stays.

On the current case, I actually watched the new presiding judge, Judge Riff, take a breath under one of Larry M. Bakmans barrage of legal mumbo jumbo. It was just before the New Year. It was I that gave Bakman the nickname Barking Bakman, and he is relentless in his position. His position is often to take a grain of sand and turn it into a mountain of well-paying bullshit.

Bakman is the lead counsel on this particular case. His clients name is Dr. Leatherwood and his Co-Counsel, Jacquelynn Lizarrage Hansen, aka Da Whiner. Hansen is not a bad lawyer, in my opinion, and I think there is some potential there. Make her stop! is, I am thinking, a new and improved way to object when opposing counsel, Lisa Helfend Meyer, is standing on your head with high dollar stilettos. I was there, I heard it, and it was such an opportunity for us here at Those words were actually uttered by Hansen in reference to Lisa Helfend Meyer just being herself.

clackety-clack…yackety yack

Another constant in the Bakman / Hansen legal team is we have not been paid. Well, I guess when you take a flyer and take a skinny retainer in hopes of the big payday, this too will be a constant, I am predicting. Lawyers and private investigators like to be paid, and many times it is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately, Bakman and Hansens client has teeth, too bad they are just false teeth.

Some have referred to me as an Oracle. and it is not so much my knowing the future and the behavior of former lovers and hateful behavior,orchestrated by lawyers in the world of DIVORCE. However, when you are hungry, and someone offers you a nice warm fresh baked basket of buns? Well anyways, the game is to bill hours, lots and lots of hours, and hope for the best. Taking the advice of the court to be more time-efficient is not in a lawyers best interest. Why whistle a ditty when you want to sing the entire songbook?

Back to Bakman and The Honorable Steve Cochran. All morning, it was just one delay after another. Judge Cochran requested the attorneys for the litigants meet and confer, and on the last request from the bench, I watched Jacquelynn Lizarrage Hansen and her client walk quickly out of dept. 63 and disappear down the hallway. (no talking with anyone) Lisa Helfend Meyer and I watched as the two damn near ran down the hallway, asses and elbows folks. Judge Cochran made this request several times as he spoke from the bench, and each time it seemed to be ignored. Note: Cochran bent over backward to accommodate and try and get this whole RO down the road and to accommodate all the parties. Bakman had other thoughts. It also appeared that Hansen could not say too much or do too much unless Bakman was supporting and guiding her. At times I was waiting for what do I do now, daddy. Granted, Bakman was brought in to try and win one for the Whiner and her client on what really does appear to be a totally fabricated DV. In the end, Bakman crashed and burned and took Hansen and Dr. Leatherwood with him. Bust out the marshmallows, we have a fire burning.

Anyone up for s’mores?

It was late morning, and Bakman made it very clear that he felt that this was a long cause case and thus was going to have to be reassigned to a courtroom for Long Causes, not department 63. This is also a great opportunity for lawyers to fill those gasbags up and take days to do what, in reality, should take hours. (the position of Cochran) Judge Cochran and Bakman had several head butts as to the time and the hours this should take and Bakman continued to bark at the bench. At one point, Bakman interrupted Judge Cochran and told the judge I dont like the volume of your voice. (We will have the transcript up here for you to read the exchange )

Note: Judge Steve Cochran has a style and tries to give those before him plenty of space and gives total respect to litigants in accommodating their requests. What we all witnessed here was an attempt of a lawyer to blindside the court and try an end-run for Long Cause.more to come on this later.

After a few days of all of the shenanigans and posturing and attempts to intimidate the court, Bakman made what I think was some pretty serious missteps. The biggest misstep was taking the court to task, Cochran was not going to have his court hijacked by Larry Bakman or anyone else. The constant negative and demeaning tone and behavior of Larry Bakman towards Felicia Meyers and Lisa Helfend Meyer was incredible. And not to be outdone, neither Meyer or Meyers were going to take any crap from Bakman, and at times it was noticed that Bakman was shaking, and it was noted from the bench that Bakman was turning red. If anyone can make your blood pressure surge, it is Lisa Helfend Meyer and Felicia Meyers, Gucci Bags in tow, and some great shoes to stand on.

By the time it was all over, Judge Cochran had got it right, Dr. Leatherwood was totally gaming Niki Katz, and all present heard what was said. The use of the Los Angeles Police to get Katz tossed out on her ear on what was a bogus RO. However, there was a crack in the door, and Dr. Leatherwood took her shot. Judge Cochran took notice of the bad behavior and that with Bakmans constant attacks on the bench pretty much sealed this case for Nicki Katz. Dr. Leatherwoods mother did not do much better; her testimony was very damning to her daughter and the position that Bakman and Hansen were taking.

This was a gay couple with two kids who decided to call it quits, and several years ago, it would have been easy and very inexpensive to break up. Now that the gay community screamed that they wanted to have the same rights as the straight community, I have to wonder how the community is enjoying this aspect of the straight community?

The Bakman / Hansen team went up against Lisa Helfend Meyer, the founding partner of M.O.L.M. and her team, and it was a total slaughter. For every mistake and or attack that Bakman / Hansen threw at them, they hit it back and the duo right between the eyes. Dr. Leatherwood hired what she thought was confident counsel; frankly, she was outgunned. Great lawyering and the facts and behavior of Leatherwood killed her case dead in its steps. I cannot help but feel that due to many missteps in the way her counsel dealt with The Honorable Judge Steve Cochran, and the continued attacks of opposing counsel, caused her to lose her case. The behavior, the insults, and the Tom Foolery that was attempted on the court was nothing short of a homegrown disaster, not sure why. If Bakman and Hansen thought Judge Cochran would cave, they really misjudged Cochran.

Money? I have no stinkin money!

The question that still remains open does Dr. Leatherwood’s legal team ever get paidI am betting it wont be easy. It was entertaining to watch Hansen constantly request money and complain of how well-paid Lisa Meyers firm had been paid, which is not actually true as of this writing. However, being awarded for a great job would ensure that Lisa Helfend Meyers firm does get paid and on the other side well, maybe not very likely.

Update: “Show me the Money.” On February 25, Larry M. Bakman and Jacquelynn L. Hansen asked for $250,000.00 for fees. Now that is a big number, and I guess if you cut away the bullshit, there is at least $ 150,000.00 in nonsense stuff that was done to bill hours, in my opinion. Well, the very generous The Honorable Steve Cochran graciously gave Larry Bakman and his assistant Jacquelynn L. Hansen $ 70,000.00 and deducted the $45,000.00 that was already paid, so Niki Katz has to come up with $25,000.00. In time I am sure that Nicki Katz will get that money together, maybe in a year or two, and get these two lawyers paid. Note: Dr. Leatherwood may be held to pay whatever was not paid by her former love. The good news is that the lawyers wont come after you till one year, sure, this way you cant complain to the State BAR of California till one-year passes. And then I am sure Larry and Jacs will be asking for their money.On the other hand, Bakman and Hansen know they lost big time.


Court Minutes


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 13, 2020
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