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We want money

The truth will set you free. On Friday, November 1, 2019, Stephen A. Kolodny, Lawyer, could not have been clearer. The Honorable Mark A. Juhas, presiding, asks, What are you looking for today from me today? Heidi L. Madzar, Lawyer was very sterile addressing the court Award of fees. Sounds friendly. (DIVORCE is not friendly and is never nice. Please read this transcript, and you tell us if this is friendly.)

Page 2, Line 5, we want money like an ugly disfigured baby speaking its first words, Kolodny lets it rip! We Want Money. Now how many litigants can relate to that response, DIVORCE is the Treasure Trove of Law, seldom do you find a DIVORCE lawyer who is not rolling in the cash. Even the terrible ones get bank! Even the ones who cant really practice law but are great self-promoters get bank. ( Flips ) And the defense of all this is so many litigants dont care what it costs and enjoy all this bullshit, if for nothing more than for revenge, getting their pound of flesh. And dont you ever think that Judge Juhas is not a fast study, he responds, Yeah, you just want fees, how much do you want. Ouch, asking a fat cat lawyer how much do you want? (little like asking a prostitute if he or she swallows or spits) Many DIVORCE litigants, not all, are left generally in the gutter of eternal debt and facing bankruptcy and in some cases, homelessness. But was it fun? The initial request is mentioned to be at least $300,000.00 as an interim request. Just as the digestion of how outrageous a request that dollar amount is, like the annual pumping of the septic tank the request goes to $415,000.00. What is that stink? Could it be greed? As long as you are on the receiving end.


Money Money

Judge Juhas finds much of what is going on in front of him as outrageous as to the time and money that is being spent to get to this point. The strategy to some degree by DIVORCE lawyers is to run a billing frenzy, write letters, drag a hearing into the lunch hour and then come back, and of course the ultimate kick in the tits ( for our female victims ) or the kick in the nuts ( for our male victims ) are those ex partes! Let them eat cake! Let me let you into this great deal! You go to court at 8:00 A.M., and the clock is running, you are here with your lawyer for an ex parte, guess what, most of the time ex partes dont get heard till all other court business is handled. Let me make this even more clear, all those pro pers many who dont speak English or wont are going to sit and insult the courts as well as many sitting in the cheap seats, intelligent time burners they are. And your lawyer is sitting patiently checking his or her iPhone and enjoying the morning, and the “human slot machine” (you), will be expected to pay for all of this wasted time.


Procedures and knowledge of the law in the world of DIVORCE is almost like an annuity that will just pay and pay. (Thanks to the litigants most of the time) Thus you get the ridiculous fees as are described in Reza Jarrahy v Geena Davis case No: 18STFL05701, fun, right? All legitimate and legal, and we are not saying anything illegal is going on here, but some professions have a license to steal, not literally, of course, but when those bills come in, you really do feel as if you have been robbed and rectally assaulted. The best part is Geena Daviss legal team. Nathalie E.A. Paluch and her partner are of the opinion that this court has no jurisdiction. No Jurisdiction? Well, we have Reza Jarrahy telling everyone that he wasnt married (page 61 lines 21 & 22) and Geena Davis is being looked at like a Pork Chop with a big side of Biscuits and Gravy entree for Kolodny’s firm. All of this happened in New York, and it is reported that there was No Officiant. There are issues concerning Iranian traditions, Muslim traditions, and a great big party that some thought was a wedding, and others thought it was a cultural buffet to be enjoyed for by all who attended. Iranian and Muslim traditions have no place in the American court system and who cares what was or wasnt performed. There was no certificate of marriage.


So sorry, no money for you.

Judge Juhas makes an interesting comment, Dr. Jarrahys father is a proper officiant. Thats the question, the only question If he is not, we are done. Kolodny was great today with some great comebacks. Sorry? Oh, someone will be sorry if this is the case, all those fees, and guess what? Someone is going to be going home with an empty sack. Note: Several years ago, Calvin Coolidge Worthington (12.11.12) represented Cal (92), and Mark Kaplan represented Anna The Singer from Iceland (41). It was a slaughter for lawyers, Kolodny kicked ass and sent Mark on his way with nothing. Mark got no money. And this was in front of Judge Juhas! Could this be a big fat goose egg for Kolodny Law Group? Is this the old what goes around comes around??? Judge Juhas has made it very clear that all of this has been heard over and over again. However, here is a small hurdle that must be jumped or pushed over. The only thing Stephen Kolodny likes better than breakfast, dinner, and supper is the sound of his own voice. This could be the reason Judge Juhas seems to have heard this case at least 3 – 4 times, as it just keeps getting repeated in the attempt to achieve the we want money part of this case. The other day (11-19), Judge Juhas did give The Kolodny group a tiny little portion of what was being asked for, interim payment, less than $50,000.00. Who says Judge Juhas has no sense of funny, that dollar amount was very funny.


This trial started on November 21, 2019, and both sides are busy throwing it all against the wall, hoping and praying that something sticks. Hopes and prayers are also on the judge, hoping he sticks to his guns and does the right thing and tosses the whole thing into the toilet and flushes it. After all, this is nothing but a great big stinking turd, and it belongs in the sewers of Los Angeles with all the other miserable stinking marriages. Certainly, there were some shenanigans in getting to this point. Nathalie E.A. Paluch, Esq and her partner have made clear, there was no marriage, Reza told everyone and anyone that would listen that he was single, even filed his Federal Income taxes as such, Single, his words are now returning to bite Reza in the ass. A major problem for Kolodny in the form of not getting his payday.


Enter the Elephantz

Enter the 2000-pound elephant into the room: this is DIVORCE court, truth and fairness much of the time is irrelevant. Thus the crevasse that exists, both Nathalie E.A. Paluch and Stephen Kolodny believe their position is the bridge to truth. It is this writer’s opinion that Ms. Paluch is representing the truth and is on the path to righteousness and Mr. Kolodny, well he, wants money. It will be Judge Juhass job to fill in that crevasse, and Mr. Kolodny is hoping it is not with the cash he is hoping to place in his bank account. Many years ago, I was told that the Stanley Mosk is also known as the “Palace of Perjury.” Some things never change.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
December 6, 2019
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