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October 21, 2019, it is 9:00 A.M. I am driving to the Mosk, traffic is light, and I am bored, so I decided to touch base with my good friend Lisa Helfend Meyer, founder of Meyer Olson Lowry & Meyers, LLP. Lisa is traveling around Portugal and Spain this week. A few weeks ago, Lisa was in Italy doing a little light shopping, all well deserved. I wish she would get back to the office. When Lisa is gone it is not going to rain for Nazarian and Associates in that part of Century City, Lisa is the ultimate rainmaker for us as well as dozens of othersnothing but the truth here folks.

I park in my usual spot and check through security and walk down the hall towards department 43, and who do I see? Mark Vincent Kaplan, Esq. of Kaplan & Gekht, my original gunfighter. Mark is standing with Garry Gekht (more on this guy later) My immediate response was, I thought you died, I had not seen Mark in ages. I am wrong, and Mark is not dead; he and Gekht are representing Socialite Taylor Stein. Taylor could not be more pleasant and looks great considering what she has been through in a rather tumultuous relationship with one William P. Lauder. Thank god this family did not make decisions in the beauty industry the way Will picks lawyers! He has Sticey Flips of Blank Stare representing him in his custody battle here in Los Angeles with Taylor Stein. Steins team is kicking ass and winning!


Quiet, Larry!

William Philip Lauder of the Estee Lauder fortune was represented in court today in Dept. 43, as I said by Stacy D. Phillips, aka Sticey Flips, aka The Hat, also, in my opinion, a terrible lawyer but one hell of a self-promoter. Tell me I have a list of great lawyers, Neal Hersh, Joe Mannis, Michael Trope, Lisa Helfend Meyer, Laura Wasser, Dennis Wasser, Judy Bogen, and you pick Stacy Phillips, are you just stupid? Along withwobble knees, we have 2nd chair Larry M. Bakman, aka Barking Bakman, Flips is with Blank Rome, LLP, who is making these decisions? Phillips sounded like she was getting her privates waxed as she tried to make her legal points. While I am at it, Blank Rome should be called Blank Stare, who in that organization hired Phillips? For William P. Lauder, this has to be more of a sport for him, years ago Judge Thomas Trent Lewis told me that many of these wealthy people look at this kind of litigation as sport, like skeet shooting, polo or playing a round of golf, just sport. Well, all I can tell you is that this was a BIG WIN for Kaplan and Gekht. Phillips and Bakman both fell on their faces, but who cares, this is all billable, and they have a victim/client who is not even present to watch Flips blubber blabber away it doesnt get any better for a DIVORCE lawyer, a fool with money, lots and lots of money. It is clear that Judge Anne Richardson is not buying what Flips was selling, and Bakman burps up comments and tells everyone he is busy with all his cases and all the criminal cases he has waiting for his valuable time and that dam murder case is always present too. (it has become a bit of a laughable event when Barking Bakman talks about that murder case.) Neither one of these people are giving this case up, A CASH COW is what they have, and Will better hope they keep selling that face powder because BLANK STARE is going to be sending William a BIG BILL this month! And for what? Prior to Flips and Barker bellying up to the money pit I watched two non-English speaking pro pers put on a better and more clear case than Phillips & Company, just the truth here folks.

Well, I must tell you Stacy looked like she had slept too close to a memorial candle last night, I swear. Stacy was dressed nicely; she had a black skirt, a white top, and a pair of what looked like uncomfortable, shiny silver gold high heels I haven’t seen in a long time. That outfit and the way she walks, she looked very much like a sun-beaten, 1952 two-tone Cadillac Fleetwood, running on a flat tire with a fender missing!


Kaplan & Gekht were hitting it on all cylinders, and on the other side, we have Stacy Phillips flailing her arms around and making noises that sound similar to mating calls of a sulcata Tortoise. Bakman sat next to her and continued to get paid, a good day for Blank Romes billing department.

Garry M. Gekht, Esq., Partner at the Law Offices of Kaplan & Gekht

I had never heard of Garry Gekht, Esq. He became a lawyer in 2017 and has the chops of a highly seasoned DIVORCE lawyer. Garry had been in the back room, so to speak, and put himself through law school; Mark found a winner with Gekht. Gekht is on point and can drop the big words and take opposing counsel to task. I should open my own law firm, I would start with Nathalie E.A. Paluch, Esq. next up would be Garry Gekht, batter up would be Crystal Boultinghouse and I have 3-4 more I would scoop up and make them all real partners, not this title only bullshit to make your potential clients feel important in talking to a partner .


Coming up in a future story is what is this DIVORCE game of hiring one lawyer and then having to hire a co-counsel and that dam 20% percent kickback. Oh, I have some great stuff coming folks, and it could get even more sticky in the months ahead! As my old friend Paul Anka once wrote a few lyrics, My Way, as in doing it My Way.

I will be following up on Dancing Bear and Baby Bear, who was the lawyer who had a gorgeous bedroom for a stuffed bear. this, too, is an interesting piece of DIVORCE nostalgia.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 29, 2019
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