Roundhouse Razzle-Dazzle

What a week, traveled to Pasadena and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with a friend of mine and two lawyers from the firm of Kibre & Neman. My lunch partners were Mirit Neman and her sister, Karen Yossefi. Both lawyers! Prior to a few months before, I had never heard of Joe Kibre, and here I was having one of the best lunches in weeks with two incredible lawyers from his office. Mirit is a named partner and the laughs we shared if you ever run into Mirit ask her about the finer ways of eating a slice of “lemon meringue pie.” Another hilarious conversation was about what else? Thanksgiving! Be sure to have Karen close by; she adds a great deal of perspective to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I wish both lovely young ladies continued success in the swamp called DIVORCE law.

Recently I heard about two lawyers discussing legal terms and conditions in reference to a deposition on Tuesday, September 24, 2019, at 9:00 A.M.

We have Larry M. Bakman aka Barking Bakman and now possibly for future reference, “big boy,” or possibly “scumbag” or “putz,” and several other complicated colorful and descriptive words (the record is here for you to read at your leisure) Nothing but the truth on Larry Bakman has developed a cottage industry in representing clients for restraining orders and frankly, can be very entertaining in his legal ability to make litigants sweat. He has also been known to make other lawyers wish they had become practicing dentists! Personally, I will take a session with Bakman, and a good cup of coffee, on most trips to the Mosk. His rudeness and totally unfiltered delivery of the law, or “his take” of the law is priceless. Shame on me to enjoy watching those who pay the freight for a former loved one to get a workover by Larry M. Bakman, Esq. Every dog has his day and maybe Bakman will too.

Two San Antonio lawyers fought in court and threw glasses at each other last Monday.
Texas Siftings, October 29, 1881

Now on the other side, we have a member of the Royal Family of DIVORCE law if in fact there was ever such a thing, Michael L. Trope, Esq. When you read the attached document, you can see that Michael L. Trope is not one of the typical victims of Larry M. Bakman, and never in this lifetime would Trope ever be. Trope can bite, and bite strategically. In real-time Trope had to look like a $20.00-dollar bill waiting for a nickel! For sure Bakman too is experienced in his own razzle-dazzle way of entertaining, Trope was not in the mood for Bakman or his razzle-dazzle, and frankly, today it was all Tropes world and Bakman was only visiting and maybe shut up caught Bakman off guard like a razzle-dazzle roundhouse kick to the head, and that very famous law class discussing the finer aspects and use of the word “asshole.” Too bad we did not have a mobile videographer present, this encounter could have been like mining gold. (an ex parte application was filed by Bakman, and it was all a waste of time and money as the judge denied it, late in the afternoon. Who paid for all this fun and games? lol)

The State Bar of California certainly is familiar with Larry M. Bakman; as recently as July 1, 2019, and even one of Bakmans road dogs got mentioned too. Susan Wiesner, Esq., was mentioned in the complaint. Case Number: SBC-19-0-30313. (we have posted the State BAR record below to be clear and show the truth)

In the above action, Larry Bakman is represented by Ellen A. Pansky, Esq.

State Bar complaints are relatively common as the BAR does watch its own closely. The other actions too were interesting and will be attached to this little article.

Well, it is a little late, and I am dreaming of gnocchi at Peppones Restaurant in Barrington Court! Going to warm up the Bentley


State Bar Record


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 28, 2019
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