Judge Cruella is in the house

Once in a great while, a superior court judge gets appointed to the bench and exhibits behavior that makes those sitting in front of him or her wonder what did he/she just say? This is becoming rather common in the California courtroom of Judge Joshua D. Wayser, to the point of giving legal advice from the bench to one counsel or the other. Calling litigant names, I am afraid your client is Count Olaf. (Now you must keep in mind that the Honorable One has been fed a great big story and has apparently bought it lock, stock, and barrel by opposing counsel!) Note: The other litigant, dad, is actually a bad actor and has been arrested for a felony and a DUI and has serious credibility issues. Thank god he is not blond and blue-eyed; God only knows what the court might do to make things better.

Over the last several months I have been asked by several people if I had spent any time in Judge Joshua D. Waysers courtroom. Actually, I have not as of this date. What I have been doing is my research, and it is a little scary! Judge Joshua D. Wayser came from Kattan, Muchin and Rosenmann LLP; his expertise was in banking and real estate litigation. My personal opinion of this firm is that they are very mean spirited and are aggressive. They represented one of my clients many years ago, Doris Duke, and they were mother fuckers for sure towards Bernard Lafferty after Ms. Duke’s death. And now we have a managing partner sitting as a judge in the wonderful world of DIVORCE. Once again the DIVORCE community gets a judge on the bench that has zero experience and or knowledge of the world of DIVORCE; lets all hope he is a fast study. Could it be that background, banking, and real estate,that makes Judge Waysers decisions and comments so outrageous?

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge improperly assumed, and advocacy told when he amended a dependency petition on his own motion. This was overturned on appeal. This was case B279551 Cal Ct. App Oct. 23, 2017. It appears that Judge Wayser forgets that he is a finder of the truth and not to cast negative comments towards or about one litigant or the other. Frankly, his behavior is being reported as nasty and lacking any compassion or civility. Note: He is becoming popular at the court of appeals.

A potential nightmare for any litigant is to have a judge that is just mean, both verbally and in spirit. One judge that comes to mind is Judge Teresa A. Beaudet, one of the cruelest, heartless women to ever sit on the bench. Thank god she was removed from family court and sits in civil. It would be tough to find a bench officer who took such joy in tormenting a mother as I and others witnessed in her court. Are we looking at another one in that of Judge Joshua D. Wayser, we will see. (the documentation by this writer as to what Beaudet did in Family Law was a factor in getting her removed we hope)

BTW, it appears that Judge Joshua D. Wayser is of the opinion that all women when preparing to get married, should do a background check on the potential candidate. To hell with love and good intentions, you need to hire someone and check them out thoroughly. I had a friend who used to get that from me when they were dating; that being running a background check on the special one.I cant tell you how many times I got calls from friends saying, will you run it for me? My question is run what? Judge Wayser references litigation. Really? Were all the federal privacy laws followed? Who ran what? How was access gained? Personally, I have to wonder if the Honorable Judge Wayser still has those friends? This is great publicity for private investigators to run background checks for potential couples planning on marriage.

It would appear that Judge Joshua D. Wayser has filtering issues, and makes comments and statements from the bench and forgets there is a record, or does he even care?

For sure I am being a little rough on this bench officer, a Jerry Brown appointment on November 17, 2015. He has a great educational background from Columbia Law School.We will be paying close attention to future comments and outburst by the Honorable Joshua D. Wayser, and I am sure comments will continue to come to us.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 13, 2019
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