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Missed it by that much

The “Me Too” movement missed the mark again, as it was pretty much an attempt to get what I considered revenge for failed entertainment careers by women who got old too quick! Again, having dabbled in the entertainment world for a few years, there is no question many people would enjoy intercourse with a doorknob and or to orally copulate the same if it got them on television. This is, after all, Hollywierd and the entertainment capital of the world.


Over the years I have spoken to dozens of the old-timers, mostly females and a few males, many younger lawyers and office staff who speak of the debauchery very clearly. The forced, or was it coerced, sexual acts with staff and clients that went on behind the scenes at many of the large law firms who specialized in DIVORCE.I recall one time calling a firm and being told that the Boss was having lunch with one of his girlfriends” who were in town for a few days. I thought it odd that I would be told this. I feel that it was in the hopes of getting it leaked to This Personal Assistant would depart a very short time later. I wonder what his wife would think, or would it be, I am meeting with a client for lunch.


The desks in some of the partners offices were built at a level to make access easier in hitting the mark.” And some of these guys were, lets just say not very athletic, and the soundproofing was lacking in many of these buildings. Do you know what the best part is? For many of these people who the information is being provided on, I have no allegiance to; talk about perfect. One former female client gave her lawyer a new Escalade on top of what her legal fees were! And the fucking and blow jobs were endless, it happens this was verified by the attorney who made jokes about it to me in a conversation that I had with him!


How many of these partners who had such great power over their associates and office staff thought they were untouchable? Many of the DIVORCE lawyers took total advantage of vulnerable clients. Who saw this Me Too thing coming down the pike? I have the names and the sources for several of these stories. Will the Family Law Lawyers who are so busy giving themselves and judges awards and accolades and rubbing each others backs feel the heat at some point? I am betting the answer is absolutely highly likely. I met with two former employees recently, and one issue was to strike while the bastards are still above ground. People, the stories are endless and incredible that they never saw the light of day! We here at are rewiring the lights to make sure they are really bright, and everything will be visible and brought to the surface. You all remember the movie I was featured in, DIVORCE CORP, as stuff is even funnier as to when I see these arrogant fucks in person I have to chuckle.


We all remember the studio heads and high-profile actors who were attacked by lawsuits and the media. Careers were destroyed, and millions paid to make everything all better. Will this happen to some well-known DIVORCE lawyers? I feel that ship is looking for a place to drop anchor and the Troll, Allred & Co., could be looking at this issue very closely. We will see. We will always accept information or recollections you may have as to being forced into sexual situations by employers in the Land of Divorce. Just remember, being vulnerable and needing a job or fighting a tough DIVORCE does not make it ok to take it in the ass!


It is always fun to be riding high in the saddle until you become conscious and find yourself under the horse. BTW, I have been involved in a few of these cases over the years, involving divorce lawyers acting badly with clients and the settlements, always Hush Hush. Oh, do not make any assumptions here, I have been a great student of history in Divorce Land, and the lessons my teachers have shared with me are outrageous. Several years ago, we had a well-known associate who enjoyed his client so much that he sent a photo of his penis to her! And like most clients, untrustworthy as they are, used the photo to go after him, as in sue, and the photo as evidence. Of course, out of respect for the firm only I will not mention the individual. Many of you already know who he is. Talk about embarrassing, in the end, this was a package that a Hummingbird could have delivered.


One of my favorite military anthems is, Anchors Aweigh, the fight song of the United States Naval Academy, composed in 1906 by Charles A. Zimmermann / lyrics by Alfred Hart Miles. Stand by folks this could be fun!


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 12, 2019
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