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I Can’t Be Married

Reza Jarrahy M.D. vs Geena Davis, remember her? I sure did not until after I was reminded that back in the day, she was one hot commodity in Hollywood Land.Well, she is once again a potential hot commodity, to the tune of over $1,000,000.00 in fees and stuff. Her soon to be X husband is Dr. Jarrahy, and his DIVORCE lawyer has a bill that needs paying! And it all begins in a far, far away place on September 1, 2001, with the sounds of goats running, hopping around and playing happily in the background! It was billed as just a party. or was it? Christians and Muslims were frolicking on this wonderful day eighteen years ago.

Never one to let a funny comment escape me, and there would be a few this morning. Counselor, step out of the well. A comment made by the deputy to one of the lawyers for Dr. Jarrahy. (the well is the no mans land between the long tables the attorneys sit at and the front of the bench were the judge sits on high.) I thought that maybe this lawyer was justthirsty, fuddling around in the well. (I had some nastier comments to make, but I am not going to as I want this article to be nice)

It’s the “You can’t divorce me because you never married me” case..

This is one of those DIVORCEs with a different twist; the big fat elephant in the room is not who you would expect! The Big Stinker in the room is also not who you would expect, but rather an issue of is / was Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy M.D. really married? Well! One lawyer, of course, that would be the lawyer for Dr. Jarrahy, absolutely believes with all his heart, or at least what is left of it, is that Davis and Jarrahy were, in fact, married. Because if, and I say if, they are not, this lawyer will not get anywhere close to his $1,000,000.00 in fees! Poof! Because if they are not married, Geena Davis will not have to invest in his lawyers big fat retirement account.

On the other side, Geena Davis is represented by one hell of a tough cookie! Nathalie E. A. Paluch, Lawyer!As she stated as clear as a bell, this is not a marriage, and from where I was sitting The Honorable Judge Mark Juhas agrees! It was very interesting to sit and listen to as both sides took powerful positions, but one lawyer, S. Kolodny (yes, I have mentioned his name) took it to the top, calling Geena Davis a liar! Kolodny was on the attack; he had the deposition on video of Geena Davis. Lied and Deceived. It was the Kolodny of old. The voice & tone, the podium, and then walking around and staring (posturing) at his next meal, Geena Davis, and her bank account!

We always tell the truth on Kolodny was one of the greats from the old days, and we were are all getting a great show, however slightly diminished. Kolodny is always prepared to present his position and does his homework to the 10th power; a true pro.In my opinion, he is not the same guy he once was; he is a little softer, a little slower. Jesus sounds like I am talking about myself and several of my friends! No friends here folks, just the truth, so dont bust out the tissues!

It was just an unbelievably wild party, and the priest never said “Man and Wife”…

Geena Davis, the actress, has an army of one. Nathalie A.E. Paluch drops a bomb that got several chuckles in the courtroom. Paluchstates clearly that she does not care what Tom, Dick, or Doctor was there, there was no officiant at what was sold to Geena Davis as a wedding, but was, in reality, a great, big party. Her husband is a Muslim from Iran, and his father, (Muslim), played a part in the wedding. There was a priest, Father Bob, and he never did a Man and Wife. That term now in the world we live, is like a death sentence. Think I am kidding? Go ahead and file for a divorce, a divorce can do to your financial future what a bad economy cant begin to do.

Nathalie makes the comment that this process we are going through in Dept.64 is not a quest for justice or truth, but expensive nonsense. I almost died! Yes and this whole building is called the Palace of Perjury for just some of those reasons. There is never going to be justice or truth in most DIVORCES; the primary issue is that no one involved tells the truth. Note: I have spoken to Ms. Paluch, and she believes with all her soul that the costs of DIVORCEs need to be reasonable, and all costs must justify the work performed.

At one point the Iranian Civil Code is brought up. Is this the same Code that Islamic law can direct gay males to be tossed off the rooftops of buildings to their deaths in Iran just for being gay? It is mentioned that this relationship would be a validIslamic marriage, and the Iranian Court would do the right thing. Problem is we are sitting in downtown Los Angeles, thank god, and not some barbaric shit hole! Frankly, my blood boils whenever I hear of anything Muslim or Islamic mentioned in any American judicial setting!

This black comedy gets even more interesting when Kolodny makes mention shortly after Paluch finishes A search for the Truth. Paluch vs Kolodny is going to be a memorable event if Judge Juhas does the right thing. When Geena Davis is asked by Kolodny, Did you intentionally lie? Geena Davis said yes, and that was to her closest friends. Ouch!

Liar Liar pants on fire is a problem sometimes. Unfortunately, NOT IN THIS CASE, there was no marriage certificate. So, Geena Davis can be a liar and Dr. Jarrahy, did he really think he was married? Tough to know, as The Good Doctor was not present in the courtroom on this day. Watching and listening to the judge, it seems that Judge Juhas does not feel a marriage took place either. It was nothing but a huge party that had the trappings of a marriage, but the problem is that damn tree, the Decision Tree, a tree-like model of decisions and their possible consequences. As I have previously stated, Kolodny is one great lawyer, just not sure how good he is at chopping down trees.

Another fascinating issue is there appears to be an age difference. It is mentioned that Geena Davis paid all the costs for the good doctor while he was in medical school. It was mentioned in court that he is a pediatrician specialist. Very nice. I hope he is very successful as I dont think Liar Liar is going to have to pay $1,000,000.00 to his lawyer. And can we assume Geena also paid for the great big party eighteen years ago, back in New York? So, lets get this clear. Eighteen years ago, Geena Davis threw a great bash for all her friends and a few of Dr. Jarrahys family and friends. A question that was not asked, and I was curious about, did anyone bring any wedding gifts? Note: Nathalie A.E. Paluch came prepared with the business manager of Geena Davis, Gary Kress, CPA. He was up in the box being called to testify and came across as honest as he could possibly be. (honesty in a DIVORCE courtroom is such a treat, almost like a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream! Mr. Kress did well because he told the truth and is likely a great friend to have)

Two great lawyers for sure. Nathalie A.E. Paluch, Esq, who sees this simply as two people who threw one hell of a bash that may have felt like a wedding but was not, like a wet dream. Yes, there was an ejaculation, but there was no sex. The position of Stephen Kolodny is that a great wedding bash was thrown, and it had all the trappings of such and thus it was a wedding. Similar to another wet dream, and when you wake in the morning, it was an incredible orgy! Was it, or wasnt it? Expectations and interpretations are all in the eyes of the beholder. Paluch is going to see that everyone sees clearly on this one.

What does John J. Nazarian think? Well, here is my prediction. Based on my thoughts, and what I heard in court as I sat there all day, is that the Honorable Judge Mark Juhas will decide in favor of Nathalie A.E. Paluch, Esq, and her client, Liar Liar Geena Davis, a great actress.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 18, 2019
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