Wash Out Cafe

Several months ago, the Panorama Cafe on the 9th floor of the Stanley Mosk was sold. I am assuming the business was sold as the place is slowly reverting to as it was many years ago, horrible. For me, it has been downhill from day one of the new owner taking over. Frankly, it is slowly reverting to Crap Town. Too bad.

Before Chris, the former owner had the place, and it was a total sewer; horrible food and an even worse attitude. Chris took it over, and the place was cleaned up; the food looked great and was made to look nice. What a concept! A place to eat that is clean, good food and friendly service.

I could tell that while Chris owned it, it was in trouble. Chris had a great background in the food business. However, it was obvious that the cafe was always in flux as it was trying to figure out how to get paid. However, even during this time, the food was great and the service pleasant.

Over the last several weeks, the place has been turning back to what it was when I began visiting the place 15 years ago. The food looks less and less appetizing, you ask for a patty melt and are told to come back later. As they are switching over from breakfast to lunch at 10:55 A.M. How tough is it to get a burger or patty melt?

Gone is the music playing in and around the counters. Gone are the friendly staff people who would greet you coming and going. What we have now is an atmosphere that resembles a wash house in Beijing.

The new owner moved his desk into the dining room to watch what is going on as to his wallet. As for the great direction the former owner was moving in, that is all gone. Wells Fargo Bank has a more attractive refreshment service by their door then this place has. Panorama Cafe has all the ambiance of a repod food truck.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 19, 2019
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