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Thank you for your service, Judge Gordon

The world of DIVORCE in Los Angeles is changing, and for the most part, some might say for the better. Many in the DIVORCE legal community have died, retired, slowed down, and even trying to reinvent themselves in their 80s. Who does that? Sell those fancy watches, stay home and dont embarrass yourself anymore in public. Look, if you have the ability to get lost in an elevator, you should just stop all of it while you are on top; and I am talking about on top of a client or your secretary.

For several weeks I knew something was coming, and I am saddened. What you ask has saddened the King of Divorce? The Honorable Scott M. Gordon is retiring from the bench after 46 years in public service; not a doubt Judge Gordon has earned it. I have known Judge Gordon for half of those years and have cherished every moment. The direction of his career from police officer to judge seemed to be predestined. Look at him, if you saw him in a crowd, you would say, that guy is a judge. Well, all is not lost; I still have the other half of the Gordon / Lewis show to enjoy and enjoy I did the other day. (see the article, Stupid is a keyword for the story)

From the standing of service, Judge Gordon has done it all; police officer, lawyer, prosecutor, commissioner and judge, both civil and criminal. Oh, did I mention an educator as well? A more brilliant legal mind you cannot find. For me, in my early years with, Dept. 88 was the place to be. If it was a big celebrity case, it was headed for Judge Gordon and department 88. For me, there was nothing better than to sit and listen to Judge Gordon interpret the law and make orders. And as I have stated dozens of times in the past, when the Honorable One places his head in his hands, you were done.

It is only fair that a man should find it appropriate to say enough is enough, and to spend his life doing as he pleases. For Judge Gordon, he has earned all of whatever it is going to be, and I wish him and his family all my best. Personally, I will still see Judge Gordon around town, professionally I am devastated as is; there will never be another Judge Scott M. Gordon, as they say, they threw that mold away.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 2, 2019
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