Michael Collum, Double Threat

Seriously, what is not to like about Michael Collum, Lawyer? After looking at several contenders and speaking with dozens of people who I trust and respect, DESPERATEEXES.com declares Michael as one of The Best sole practitioners in Southern California today. As strange as it may sound, I found not one person to say anything disparaging about this family law practitioner, Michael Collum. Folks, that, in itself, is an achievement in the snake-filled swamp we call DIVORCE.

I/we are proud to consider Michael Collum a friend and someone we always enjoy speaking with at the Stanley Mosk. A total breeze of fresh air, this is a guy who always wants to do the right thing by his clients. You wont get the string along with Collum if there is a short cut to stop the bleeding of financial assets in a case. Michael Collum will try and put together a settlement and at the same time, be reasonable with his clients best interest in front of all else. (sometimes your best interest is not your lawyers best interest)

Unlike the Bullshit Super Lawyers where everyone pays an organization for placement and plaques to be called super. Its a joke and will always be a joke. Just look at some of the morons that are called Super Lawyer, it is almost appalling. However, here on DESPERATEEXES.com, we tell it like it is. If you are a goofy SOB, chances are you are a goofy SOB! If we say you are a horrible lawyer, you are very likely a horrible lawyer! If we say that you are a horrible human being and disliked by almost everyone, the chances are that you are a despicable, scum sucking F%&K of life! And if we tell you your hair looks like a helmet, then your hair looks like a helmet! And if we like you, there is no changing that, after 26 years, I know the difference between Bullshit and Roses.

Michael Collum has the education and the knowledge of the law that makes him who he is. Michael attended undergrad at Vanderbilt and Millsaps College and iced it all at USC Law. I find it hard to believe Michael has been a lawyer for 30 years! Twenty years as a DIVORCE lawyer and is a Certified Family Law Specialist. To my readers, when I tell you this guy is the real deal, that is a fact! Michael loves to settle when he can and is, as I have already said well respected by most of his colleagues. Another great thing with Michael is that he can go up against the bigger firms and has on numerous occasions.

Further, he is not intimidated by any paper storm; he simply pulls out a shredder and goes to work. (Law firms will sometimes think it is cute to bury a smaller firm in paperwork; they think of everything and anything to make the smaller firm work hard) Michael Collum has support staff that assists at his direction and takes every case in stride with little regard to who is on the other side. It is the knowledge of the game and the law that makes this sole practitioner a good place to be.

Having been truly blessed to have worked with Mr. Sinatra, Miss Peggy Lee, and traveled the world with Paul Anka; I love a great piano player. As it would happen, another talent that Michael Collum has that is little known until now is that he is a highly trained professional cabaret pianist and music director. So, if you find the belching and flatulence of your current legal team deafening and want to change the tune, may I suggest Michael Collum, 3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2600, Los Angeles, California 90010 323-648-3132


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 24, 2019
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