What’s Up at the Mosk Part 1

The other day I was roaming around the Los Angeles Superior Courts, at the Mosk. Many ask me How do you find the courts so interesting? Pretty easy actually. I have spent many, many hours in the criminal courts as a law enforcement officer in this state. Even back then, I was fascinated to the point that if I could have been promised a judgeship after getting out of law school, I would have given law school a more serious attempt then I had given it. That, to me, would have been cool. I have total respect for those who sit in judgment of others. No question criminal courts are always very fascinating, as the bad guys are obvious. Civil court proceedings are just the opposite; difficult, if not impossible, to finger the true bad guy. DIVORCE is just plain ugly, and the players are even more despicable at times, and then we have the litigants!

In the past, I compared my experience as a Sheriffs Deputy and Police Officer as similar to a judge. How so, you ask? Well, it goes even further. As a peace officer, I could also have been the judge, jury, and executioner. It all came with the job and only on a few occasions did things almost move in that direction of my being the executioner. As things evolved at warp speed as it does in those situations, some went to jail, and I went home, and no one made the trip to the coroners office. Then I became a private investigator, seems I have always been able to navigate swamps, filthy ones, and even the well-chlorinated ones.

What gives with the Stanley Mosk lately? The elevators are broken; I was stuck in an elevator for several minutes on Monday, and then it finally moved, and the doors opened. This very same elevator was skipping floors. Let me correct myself; this is not good. The only elevator that was working was failing miserably. The escalators have been shut down for several weeks and two of the restrooms I attempted to use were not working either; this is not a good place for old people.

The Stanley Mosk, I think, is listed as a building you would not want to be in the event of a major earthquake; even on a pleasant day, it is chaotic. I personally love the openness of the hallways and the old courtrooms; however, someone needs to get on the good foot and figure out how to keep the doors open. Doors open and safe for the citizens to come and go safely! Note: This was not a good week for those of us who are a little overweight, Tuesday the elevators were shut down! I did the stairs with no problem; however, for many, I was surprised that they were able to get up those stairs; going down is always easier.

On this day, after catching my breath, I entered department 65, the new home of the Honorable Emily T. Spear, Judge of the Superior Court. Judge Spear is a former deputy district attorney. For 11 years she prosecuted sex crimes and child molesters, what is not to love about this one! Judge Spear is 37 years old, and she looks even younger. My opinion, she is brilliant and like all the others, is learning the ropes of being a judge. Judge Spears has a Bachelor of Science and attended the University of Illinois.

I read something that was written about Judge Spear, and the comment was the court needs to be friendly to litigants who may be scared. And because of Judge Spears youth, the writer supported Spear over an older candidate youth in the days of judges. This is interesting, as when you enter the court and see Judge Spear as she speaks and sets the tone of department 65, there is a sense of calm.With a very special understanding that you can feel coming from the bench, I was impressed, and I like her. Sure, that knee jerk reaction that I was famous for as a cop and one that I live with as a writer and private investigator. You are hearing it here; Judge Emily T. Spear is someone that is going to go places.One place she is going will be the bank. As a Deputy D.A., she was making perhaps $90,000.00 a year. Now, Judge Spear is in the $180,000.00 to $226,000.00 range and in my opinion still underpaid!


Upon entering the department 65, I sat down when an Israeli male who was sitting in the box exclaimed That man is staring at me referencing me! This took the court by surprise, as it did me, I had never seen this creep until today. Perhaps he thought I was from the Contractors Licensing Board or maybe the Internal Revenue Service or perhaps the Beady Eyed Freak Police. I mention his country of origin in so much as to get the truth out of him! You would have a better chance of finding diamonds in goat shit then getting the truth out of many of these people. Racists? No, just the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god! Just like my inventing the term, The Persian Two Step, it is as true today as it was 20 years ago when I first wrote about the lying and cheating that certain people in The Community have developed to survive. The ability to be dishonest is as natural as breathing in DIVORCE court.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 12, 2019
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