Welcome Brot, Gross, Fishbein.

Here I am sitting and relaxing before I go out with a team to serve some papers on people who are resisting the process of process when I get an email. This is something that has always puzzled me Why resist the service of process? It is our policy always to be as pleasant as possible as we do Gods Work. Unfortunately, seldom is that appreciatedand in the end, who cares as long as we get paid! The gist of this little story is a big name from the westside has taken up nesting in the valley, The Valley! Gary Fishbein is now a senior partner with Brot & Gross! Not a particularly big deal in this matter as they are all Senior Partners. Actually, I am thinking two of them are real seniors except for Mark who certainly looks younger than the other two. There are many who feel the Valley is less than the Westside when it comes to substance. Personally, both the Westside and the Valley have saddle sores; the only difference is those on the Westside have prettier blankets under their saddles is all.

To be very truthful, this news could be compared to Marine World getting a bigger and meaner shark than the two they have already. So what we have here is Gary Fishbein, lawyer becoming a part of a well-respected DIVORCE law firm known as Brot & Gross (contrary to all the nasty bites we receive I have always enjoyed Ron and Mark and like them a great deal always great to talk to and laugh with.) Now Fishbein is, as I said, no hatchling in the world of DIVORCE; this guy is the real deal and known to be as tough as they come. Thus, my Marine World thought and Great White Sharks, we will now have three trolling the same building in Sherman Oaks, on the 15th floor with great views of the 405 and the valley. Just cant see the ocean, but real sharks dont care, they will drive there!

Two weeks ago I had heard a rumbling in the swamp that there was something more going on with these three, as Fishbein was on the move. I was focused on old flabby knees with the helmet hairdo doing The Charleston at the Mosk. However, I am now more focused. There is no question that Gary will be a perfect fit for this new partnership. And if you ever get a chance, even as unfriendly as he can look, there is no nicer guy in the world to sit and talk to then Fishbein, just dont touch his fries.

Brot & Gross has been the go-to place for many years, and now partnering with Gary; this is going to be really interesting. The already bright lights just got a little brighter! Brot & Gross has been a no-nonsense firm for years. With the addition of Fishbein, the distillery just jumped from 80 proof to 100 proof and folks you heard it here first!

Desperateexes.com welcomes BGF in its new form, and once again, there is no question in this writers mind this is going to be an interesting partnership to watch in the months and years to come.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 5, 2019
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author


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