Beware of Anklebiters

Well, the world of DIVORCE is not an easy swamp to navigate; most attacks come around your ankles. Ankles you ask. Sure, most of the folks who will attack you will do so sneakily biting at your ankles and shins. Oh, you wont ever get a direct hit, hell no. Most of these bastards and bitches will get you most likely while you are having dinner with them or while they are smiling at you treacherous bunch. Or how about all these cornball dinners they attend and buy entire tables to show the others how important they are. We are supporting the organizations is the comment often heard. When in fact, if it were not a great tax deduction, they wouldnt give a flying fuck! In fact, many of the fat cats never show up; they send the office staff to fill the tables and hope they can fill the tables. All make believe (the smiles and air kisses, most of the people cant stand each other) and you cant really blame them, as the food totally sucks most of the time at these events.

How about this? The only time the fat cats might show up is if certain judges will be present and or they can get them at their tables. And that is not as it might appear either. I have heard many complain that they got a nobody judges as a seat warmer!

Oh, John you are just being grumpy. Hell, I am. After 26 years of dealing with some of these fucks of life, I must tell you; it has not been easy. Many did not like me from the very beginning and thank god for that. It remained like that for 26 years! Others, we just never clicked; and many, I consider my friends and are wonderful human beings. My opinion is that those folks are the minority. Hell, there are some firms I work with where half the office truly doesnt like me, and the other half loves me, go figure! Phonies are at all levels. My having to deal with some of the associates, I should get to charge a service fee!

I hope we can all live to piss on your graves.

Recently I had a very close friend of mine hit a rough spot on her career. I will say this; I am one of the few who knows the entire case, and I think the term is getting hometowned. The place this happened is a little different then many jurisdictions. Save the but John, youre not a lawyer and dont understand. Bullshit. Not being a lawyer gives me an even better take on the sex, the games and violations of clients trust on a rather regular basis.A few people who seemed to have led the charge and have thrown rocks at this lawyer who has hit this rough spot is also fascinating. Fn Punks, all of you! To attack anyone when they are having a bad time and try and make it worse? You all suck, and I hope we can all live to piss on your graves, and you know the time will come.

One of these punks actually tried to get me arrested a few years ago. Dumb fuck thought he was being clever, the first mistake. Unfortunately, the back story guaranteed me that there would be no arrest. Others involved one must wonder what if? What if their bad behavior was ever brought to the surface? As I have often said, get a medical degree or a license to practice law, and you can steal legally! What goes around comes around folks. You know, over the years I have heard of wealthy people hiring people to collect information and interview people who had no idea they were being taken advantage of, oh my!

Can you imagine being told that someone took advantage of you and due to your having a lot of money played you like a third-string violin?


No tears here. I noticed Tina S. Schuchman died on March 5, 2019. I did not like her. She and I had an encounter a few years ago. She did not care for me either. You see, this honesty is nice, a very rare occurrence! Two people who did not like each other. All based on the fact that she served a subpoena on me and realized I was not the right guy and she was mad at me!!!! I took a picture of her eating string cheese, and I told her she looked like a walrus as pieces hung out of her mouth.




Oh, my, God Becky, look at her butt
It is so big,

Talk about funny. I happened to see Stacy D. Philips making her way out of the restroom on the 2nd floor. At first, I was wondering if my medications were affecting me as it appeared Stacy was doing the Charleston dance! Then I realized it was those funny ill-fitting burgundy shoes she was wearing. Who would do the Charleston at the Mosk? Called my doctor later in the day and asked if I was taking the right meds. Thinking even further, I was wondering if women can have excess fat removed from their knees?

Stopped in Department 81, the home of The Honorable Jennifer H. Cops. This young lady really looks very young, and she is incredibly likable. She comes across as not being too full of herself and listens to those parked in front of her. On this day I was present to watch Adam Shantz, lawyer, get his breakfast, lunch and dinner served him on paper plates with no place to sit. not a good day for Adam. This can happen to anyone. I like Adam, and I am thinking he was just having a bad day. Better luck next time Adam. Judge Cops, you have to love that name!


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 26, 2019
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