Termites in the house

It has never been my nature to conceal my thoughts on issues that pop up in my life. Thus, the following is my position on Muslims and what is occurring in the world we live in today. As a child, I traveled the world with my father on board one of his ships, the SS Flying Endeavor. It was while I was standing on the bridge of this particular ship something was said to me, my father held the rank of Captain in the United States Merchant Marine. It was a time when most American merchant marines flew under the flag of the United States. Unlike today, most of what is left of this once spectacular profession (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York) is still alive and well. On the other hand, to get around taxes and safety and health standards many of these ships fly the flag of foreign shit holes, sad but true. And if I might mention, these brave men and women are critical in a time of war. That ability has been terribly affected by the shrinking of the American Merchant Marine.

It was, in fact, while standing on that bridge my father looked down at large groups of Muslim workers on the dock and below decks of his command and said to me, Son, just remember the Muslims of the world will always be a serious problem for all non-believers. Note: they were present to load and unload the ship. That was in 1965 while we were in Ethiopia. We would have dinner that night with the then King Haile Selassie. It was in July, as I recall, as I would celebrate my 13th birthday during this time. (it was April 1965, I was in Tokyo, and my father and I decided to catch the new release of a movie spectacular In Harms Way. ) Keep in mind this is Tokyo, Japan and I was sitting in a theatre cheering on the American Fleet as they blasted the hell out of the Japanese. My father just smiled and casually mentioned to me afterward that we needed to be a little sensitive in future outings.

For those of you who do not know, I am by todays standards a racist. Yup and I wear that tag with honor! (liberals have targeted those of us with opinions based on truth, racists) If by telling the truth and being brutally honest that makes me a racists, then what choice do I have but to admit that is what I am, a racist. As I tell the truth, the truth is that we are being invaded by a group who will never assimilate into the culture that you and I grew up with. And who is that I am talking of? Muslims and their religion is known as Islam.as an American of Armenian descent, my family and I are well aware of this Friendly Religion and its even friendlier followers.

Today, if a group, any group, does not like what you have to say they will label you as a Racist. By doing this, it is their hope they will shut you up and make you go away. Crazy you say? Well yesterday, March 21, 2019, President Trump signed a Free Speech order for students on this nations college campuses. Why? Dont we have the right to free speech? Obviously, we dont, and it has gotten even worse. Losing the ability to speak your mind in any forum in America is just as important as our 2nd Amendment. To lose either one of these rights is a path that will lead to complete destruction, in time, of the United States of America. I believe this with all my heart.

Muslims in America, and for that matter anywhere else they may breed and raise their young, it is for one purpose and one purpose only. World domination. It makes no difference to them and those who direct them if it takes one year or 500 years that is the goal folks. All one needs to do is just read history. It is all there in the proverbial black and white print.

Recently we all read and watched the slaughter of Muslims at prayer in New Zealand. A terrible thing for sure, and the slaughter of any innocents must be dealt with, and those responsible brought to justice. It is my personal opinion that to get the entire nation of New Zealand to wear the headpiece women wear in the Islam religion was nothing less than a grand slam home run for Islam and their public relations firm C.A.I.R. Hijabs being worn all over the country by non-muslims? It was a media opportunity that I am betting the Muslim community would have sacrificed another 500 lives if that deal was on the table before knowing what was to happen. Again, my opinion. Islam and Muslims are the fastest growing religion in the world today, and it is not by accident. Muslims are encouraged to not watch tv and to multiply, big families are the goal and even bigger and more mosques.

It is further my opinion that every single mosque in the United States, as well as those around the world, are under the control of one or more groups based in Saudi Arabia. Mosques are also the hub of the movement that is also a critical part of the Master Plan. I further believe that all final decisions are made in Saudi Arabia as well, as to expansion and all actions, whether they be good or bad. Muslims in America today are making it a point to make their presence seem normal, and that is a huge goal, to normalize the black sheets with slits for eyes, and I will be the first here to say it, I dont like it!

Historically, we are seeing the same routines that have been played throughout history, the use of sympathy to gain pity and support. Every trick in the book can, and will be used, to get over on the infidel. Once Muslims have a foothold, they will build their mosques and begin to multiply and make more demands to support their own lifestyles and laws.

Hey, does this sound and look familiar? It is happening all over America, and it is so obvious Ray Charles could see it. And we, as Americans, just sit back and hope it all gets better. Note: Islam directs its followers that it is all good to do whatever is necessary to get over on the infidels, anything!

Go any place where large populations of Muslims occupy a given area. those who do are learning a new phrase, No Go Zones. Pretty simple. If you are not a Muslim, you should not go and will be prevented from entering this zone. It is a zone for the believers only, and as infidels, we put our safety and lives at risk entering these zones.

I have often used the example of termites eating the wood of a house, knowing damn right well that it will collapse unto itself if not stopped. Yet they continue to eat and eat and get to the result they desire. (certainly not consciously) Unlike others who settle into a house, birds nesting in the eves, hornets making mud nests that they may use again next season, Muslims are present to destroy whatever they see that wont work in their cultures and beliefs as of which is guided by the Quran. And destroy they will. It is a goal, if you will that anything western is bad and must be destroyed. This goal is not meant to happen quickly necessarily, and Muslims and Islam will wait a hundred years, as long as the goal is achieved. Often you hear it is the bad ones. My issue is the Quran. Good or bad, they are all reading the same book. Again, I am looking at facts, and the Quran outlines those facts really clearly.


Just look at the two Muslim congress females/terrorist sitting in our United States Congress. They dont need any more sympathy; they dont need your help. And now listen to the Anti-Jewish conversations, the pro comments of the Muslim terrorists and the 9-11 conversation. The word American is being taken out of context too, like racist. It too has little meaning anymore. We have Americans, some born here and many not, who have a desire to destroy the United States. Destroy the culture that my family and I have grown up with. Muslims do not like our values or our traditions. How do I know, you ask? It is all clearly laid out for you to read or listen to; it is the Quran. Dont like what I have to say? I dont care; I really dont.

My position is 100 percent based on facts, of what I have observed. I am an American veteran, a former law enforcement officer and well educated and I dont need anyones approval as to my thoughts. I know what I am seeing, and my hearing is still pretty good, and I have traveled the world and know what I am speaking of and writing about. Here is a little thought. It is being reported that by 2045 France will be a Muslim nation. America, I sincerely believe we are in trouble, and there are people living and taking of this great country who are focused on destroying it. Islam and its followers are a plague on the land, my very humble opinion.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 24, 2019
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