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Well you know sometimes one of my family members reminds me of what I have done in the course of my work. I am often told that it is possible that I am one of a few private investigators in the United States who can say he is friends with judges all over the United States. And at the same time, I also have many acquaintances who sit on the bench. The difference of friend and acquaintance is a crucial life lesson, similar to the ability to use the word No. Lessons that I have taught both of my sons. Not everyone is a friend, a lesson once learned will serve you throughout your life. Having command over the word No, I sincerely believe, saved me and helped in my success.

Another caution I take is that I never pose with any judge, chief of police, or sheriff. I dont trust the technology today that can photoshop and do all kinds of stuff with a photo. Those judges that sit on the bench who I consider to be a friend have been helpful to me in understanding the power and compassion they have. Two of my good pals are federal judges, and I do think that they are the more intimidating, from the standpoint of position. Most people, I feel, are a bit more intimidated when standing in a federal court, unless you are a federal judge up for an appointment for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. What we as a nation have witnessed in the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh almost resembles the Witch Hunts of Salem, Massachusetts. Personally, I support Judge Brett Kavanaugh and also believe Diane Feinstein simply targeted him. (Note: I worked security for Mayor Feinstein a long time ago, and I should add she went No Place without armed law enforcement officers with her)

Something that has always caught my ear is the disrespectful behavior of litigants in our divorce courts. This is the behavior you would never, ever, see in a criminal court, and forget about it in a federal courtroom. Of course, if an individual wants to act the fool in one of these courts, they are dealt with swiftly. One time when I was asking a judge who sits in a division of the court dealing with DIVORCEwhy many judges take the disrespectful behavior, they looked at me and smiled and made a comment to me Have mercy on me, I killed my parents, and now I am an orphan. We both laughed, and it was a lesson learned. I think I understood.

The discretion of a judge is said to be the law of tyrants. It is always unknown. It is different in different men. It is casual and depends upon constitution, temper, and passion. In the best, it is sometimes caprice. In the worst, it is every vice, folly, and passion to which human nature is liable. Justice Charles Pratt

One relationship that I always enjoyed was the one I had with The Honorable Judge Ken Black. I remember the day Ken and I met, and still cherish it to this day. Ken died way too soon. I look at places we had lunch and think of the laughs we shared. the day the attorney, who will remain nameless, was recording ken and the damn recorder beeped. Can you imagine? If I had a question or a concern, I could call Ken on his cell phone day or night. I am sure one or two fat gas bags will read my thoughts here and try to minimize my relationship with Ken, good luck. There are times when on the 405 I will get offand visit my old friends’ graveside.

Alan Dershowitz once commented, Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and the most protected. Reading between the lines, it almost sounds like judges being human with all the frailties that being a human brings to the table. Each oneis an individual, and thus their thoughts and life experiences can be different in interpreting the law. This can be very interesting. The thoughts on this are similar as to that of being a cop: I had the power to take a life if I needed to in the enforcement of the law, and my interpretation of the law. Even odder, I could have been the judge, the jury and theexecutioner. Several times I came close, and with the grace of God, things worked out, and people went to jail instead of the coroners office.

Another fun fact for some of you to try and figure out is who made me their childrens godfather. Yes, that too is a fact. And when asked, I was both shocked and never have had a better compliment as to my character. To think, I am the kids’ godfather.

Discretion is a science of understanding, to discern between falsity and truth, between wrong and right, between shadows and substance, between equity and colorable glosses and pretense, and not to do according to their mens will and private affections. Justice Edward Coke

Sunk Cost. This is best described as doing something we have all done at one time or another. For example, you go to Las Vegas and pump a $20.00-dollar bill into a slot machine. And then, being who we are, take another $20.00-dollar bill and put it into the machine. The thought is that you will get back the original $20.00, as well as the second $20.00-dollar investment if you will. You lose both! Many litigants do the same with their DIVORCE, thinking if they pay more money they will gain some position in the DIVORCE game. You dont. Then the desire to hire another lawyer, as the one you got now is not doing your bidding, as directed, or so you think. Except in these cases, it can total hundreds, or thousands, of dollars, and in some cases, millions. I recall a story I did not too long ago, $40,000,000.00 so that some fat lawyers could grease their skids. Talk about grabbing your chest. How must those litigants feel after the fact?

Out of all the things people are shocked by in family law, the number one thing that they find unbelievable is the way smoking gun evidence of all kinds of sordid behavior gets presented to Judges, and nothing happens to the litigant. Bad behavior is often rewarded, and it is completely untrue to say otherwise. Family law judges are the most overworked and understaffed judges in our court system, with little time to review the information provided to them. The system sets them up for failure in that regard, but you, the litigant, are the one that gets punished. Wallace Francis, Lawyer. Mr. Franciss words echo loudly in my ears, often you will hear lawyers make statements such as this judge reads, as opposed to not reading, and it is true. Sometimes as I sit and listen and watch, I too wonder if sometimes the judge has read the file and paid any attention to the evidence. As I agree, sometimes it does seem bad behavior in our DIVORCE courts does get rewarded.


By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
October 6, 2018
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