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I may have already made this statement in previous stories, and I really do believe it. Not another private investigator and or security provider in this country has the inside on DIVORCE in America today that I have developed in over 25 years. Note: My comments on are still the truth! During my time on the courthouse beat, I have watched judges all over the United States rule from the bench on high. For obvious reasons I have focused on the Los Angeles Divorce Court scene, and why not? These are the courts of national interest, the courts that the rich and famous go and look for their revenge, or justice if you will. Personally, it has been a privilege to listen to, and learn from, the bench officers of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

The other day I sat in on the Honorable Judge Steve Cochran. Judge Cochran earned his JD from the University of California, Berkeley. He was a partner at Kattan Muchin Rosenman, LLP from 1991 to 2017. I wonder if he was one of the attorneys who managed to have me stiffed upon the death of Bernard Lafferty? Those were some ugly times for sure. Poor Bernard and The Duke Foundation. I am telling you, and you can take this to the bank, The Butler Did Not Do It!

Since Judge Cochrans appeared on the bench, I have heard many things, mostly negative, on this new judge. I have sat in his court several times, and he has what can indeed be described as a unique style. He comes across as compassionate and greets those in front of him individually. Do not take this mans kind appearance as a weakness; he came from one hell of a cutthroat firm. It is the reason, primarily, that so many of the rich and famous hired K M R, LLP, they do not play nice!

Judge Cochran will assure those litigants that he is going to give them all of his attention with a very disarming smile. Note: As a simple attorney/partner, he represented Michael Jackson on his child abuse cases, Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Forest Whitaker, Paul Rodriguez and NBC-Universal Studios. Pretty impressive. We can assume that he is a judge to put that cherry on top of an impressive legal career, and not at all for the money. Funnier yet, maybe he and I could compare notes on a few of these cash cows he once represented.

Bottom line, he is still learning the law as it applies from the bench. I guess I agree he appears a little goofy at times. My position is that I really like him, and think he deserves the time to get himself adjusted to his new title of Your Honor. Note: Practicing law and interpreting the law is two different things. Those appointed to the bench are sent to judge school. What happens there I am not sure, but I may very well do some research on that one of these days.

Well, I managed to get my legs moving in the direction of the Honorable Judge Amy Pellmans courtroom to see a well-known football player. The $90,000,000.00 man himself, Malik Jackson. As I walked in, Judge Pellman is looking as hard and cold as a steel spike at two litigants who have not taken her previous orders seriously. Any of you recall Superman and that stare he had as he looked through the walls? Multiply that by 10! However, Judge Pellman speaks clearly and softly, and tells these two she will see them later in the year. I do hope they took her seriously this time. Why do I find this odd that litigants in DIVORCE court seem to think they can blow off a Superior Court Judge? Is it just a ghetto attitude of zero respect? I am not sure. However, it seems pretty obvious. No respect for law enforcement and let’s toss the judiciary into that mix too. Note: I am floored at times how some folks show up for court hearings wearing shower shoes, nicely pressed T-shirts, and those huge, baggy shorts.

Well, lets go for a touchdown here. Next up is Malik Jackson and his lawyer, Fred Silberberg, Lawyer. When the stakes are high, you need to know where to turn, go find Fred! Personally, I have always enjoyed watching and listening to Mr. Silberberg, he is straightforward and not big on nonsense.

What we have here is Jade Bennett, she is the mother of Jacksons daughter Nahla, aka meal ticket. It would appear that Bennett is a bit of a firecracker, and has thrown a few fits. Note: Judge Pellman is giving this young lady the benefit of the doubt as to her behavior. I am betting that old habits are tough to break, old dogs are tough to teach new tricks, you follow me as to what I am thinking?

“I’m ready. Are you ready? Let the billing begin!”

Judge Pellman is the judge, and she is pulling Silberberg a little short on what he wants to present. Bennetts bad behavior! Judge Pellman makes her position real clear and real fast with I dont over litigate cases in this court.It is obvious that Silberbergs plan of showing the outrageous behavior of Bennett has been put on hold, for now. One of the issues is Jade Bennetts classes for anger management. It appears that none of it is current, and when she moved, the classes were not completed. Over the years I have been involved with basketball players, baseball players, football players and a few boxers, and it is fascinating. Fascinating that the type and appearance of the girls that ring these athletic giants bells. They all look very similar, and these guys dont like condoms and thus the meal ticket. Pretty simple, right? You are cute, may be attractive, petite, young, light-colored skin and you want to make bank! Once again, I know for a fact that some girls set out like a hunter looking for that very special athlete, and if they dont like condoms? You remember those Triangular come to dinner devices on those old cowboy shows? Sure, the ones that a stiff iron rod was used to bang all the angles and it was a call for the hands to eat. This is what these girls see in some of these athletes. And it works and can work for damn near a lifetime.

I am predicting that Jackson will be back in Judge Pellmans court. Jackson needs to be very careful in dealing with Bennett as his getting arrested for being totally innocent. Or, Bennett gets arrested for just being herself. And it is also fascinating how these young Ladies can cry at just the right moment. Jackson needs to keep his side nice and clean and concentrate on playing football, and Bennett needs to realize how she won the lottery, and to learn to sit back and get paid for the next 18 plus years! Note: If Jackson is smart, he will NEVER be alone with Bennett, ever! Her anger could kill the goose that lays those million-dollar eggs.

‘He said, ‘in his professional opinion, his bill was not outrageous’. Then he billed me for that opinion.’

Talking about getting paid. The Honorable Judge Tamzarian was cutting cost, and I am not going to mention the lawyers, but it was ugly. A lawyer asks for fees, $145,000.00. Judge Tamzarian appeared to be making a point, and what a point! The Honorable Judge gave the attorney $32,000.00, ouch! Judge Tamzarian asked the opposing counsel what her bill was, and she said $16,000.00. At which time Tamzarian mentioned that the other side had over-litigated. The old days at the Stanley Mosk are coming to a screeching halt for DIVORCE lawyers to get those enormous fee awards.

The old judges are gone, and the new judges cannot seem to get a clear understanding of the ridiculous fees that some of these folks can generate and ask for. Judge Cochran was straight to the point with Vicki Green when she asked for $50,000.0. Judge Cochran suggested, maybe a $10,000.00 contribution. That was, of course, before Melanie Shornick kicked that idea to the curb. Ms. Green was just beside herself, and it would appear that there is plenty to stand next to. Ms. Green and Ms. Philips, aka The Hat have similar issues with getting dressed for court. Getting old is not kind to most of us, myself included, and understanding how we look in jeans, skirts, shorts, skirts, comfortable shoes, and skirts. Many need to have as honest a mirror as one can afford. Well, good luck with Judge Cochran and that $50,000.00. His comment she is not living like a pharaoh in Dallas, that being Ms. Greens target for $50 grand! The other obstacle for Green is Melanie Shornick, who just stared at Green as if to be wondering is that what $700.00 an hour will get ya?


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 19, 2018
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