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Thank you for the memories, Carey! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Thank you for the memories, Carey!

One of my very dear friends retired last night, Sunday, the 15th of July 2018. Carey retired! Carey has been and continues to be, a friend to my family and me for years. And even more importantly, Carey was the right hand, left hand, and sometimes the problem solver via cell phone for Lisa Helfend Meyer. Lisa is the founding partner of the firm, Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP and Carey was Lisas assistant for as long as I have known Lisa, 25 plus years. In the beginning, Carey was, in fact, the gatekeeper, and no one got any time with Lisa unless Carey gave it her blessing. A little thought, the gatekeeper in most offices are, in fact, the power base to getting access!

Carey was, and will always be, the one that when something needs to be taken care of, Carey will get it done. Over the last 25 plus years, Carey often helped me with my reservations on assignments! And at times, my sounding board as to raising my boys. Even as youngsters my sons also came to love and trust Carey, and her presence at our house for special occasions was a norm. She had been around my sons from day one, and now my grandchildren! Carey was someone that is always there, and even when we dont speak for a few weeks, each contact was still as if we had just talked. She is a friend.

Well, as anyone who knows Lisa Helfend Meyer, nothing is good unless it is done right. As long as The Helfend is in charge, the event is going to be done exactly as she directs, and there will be no shortcuts. I am guessing that this little shindig had to cost close to $30,000.00. What shindig? Oh, I forgot. Lisa had Carey’s retirement party at her estate in a very exclusive area of Los Angeles. Note: having a deposition or a meeting at any M.O.L.M. location? Be sure to come hungry, the lunches are always fabulous, and breakfast is almost like what you would find at the Ritz. M.O.L.M. spends more on feeding guest monthly then what many firms pay in rent. Well, someone is paying for that! I have heard this before, and yes, you are right, Lisa H. Meyer is paying for it. It is just how she and her partners conduct business. Guess what; this firm also validates your parking! All of her partners also share this attitude. It just goes hand in hand with one of the largest DIVORCE firms in the country.

That’s All, Folks!

From the valet parking service at the entrance to the Meyer estate as you arrived to the flowers flown in from Hawaii for the right feel to the theme for the night, Aloha. There were incredible flowers everywhere for the event, and they were the ones you would find in the Hawaiian Islands! Fresh flowers are always on display throughout Lisa and Rons estate, and did I mention at the offices of M.O.L.M. Nice, really nice. The music was that of the islands and the refreshments all top shelf. I counted three complete bars, fully staffed and no expense was spared. The beverages were all top shelf. There was a whole roasted pig on a separate table, decked out with appropriate greenery and a designated carver! Fresh porkcheck out the picture!

Carey was, and will always be, a critical part of the M.O.L.M. organization, and it was evident as to the comments. Each partner spoke a little or a lot. And of course, it was the The Helfend that was center stage. After all, it was her paralegal and assistant for over 25 years! The love and comical comments were priceless. Felicia Meyers comments were hilarious. Ben Valencia and I almost lost it as it was so emotional for Ben, as well as myself. If in life you get to have a friend like Carey, you are blessed.

Then The gift. Carey was given a gorgeous diamond necklace; the necklace will go great with her Rolex watch that was a gift on a previous celebration given by Lisa and her partners. As I have said many times, there is no other law firm in this part of California that throws parties or functions as does Lisa Helfend Meyer. In my opinion, most firms are frankly just too cheap and would never spend this the kind of money in celebrations and gifts for others. Generosity has always been Lisas base, and if you are one of her friends nothing is too good for you! This I can personally attest to. That special edition Hermes blanket covered two of my grandchildren.

Getting back to the food. The food was prepared on site and served at the appropriate temperature. It was a spectacular feast for all your senses. The taste, the atmosphere, all you had to do was to close your eyes and enjoy the evening breeze. It was almost like being at Lisas other favorite place, Four Seasons Hotel on the island! Not to be outdone by the main courses were the deserts. Freshly made coconut ice cream, mango, and the biggest cake imaginable with a fantastic pineapple filling to enjoy with the fresh coffee to wrap up the fantastic evening under the stars.

As the night wound down, it was time to leave. As we all walked down the long driveway, our cars were lined up and waiting for us. Ben, love the Bentley, absolutely gorgeous, and those shoes! Everyone was talking about the party and what a fantastic evening it was. Too bad every Sunday cant end like this one! Thank You, Lisa and Ron, for a night to remember and special thanks to Dana, Doreen, Felicia, Ben, Anne and Craig for making us all feel special.

PS: The Yellow / Red alligator executive chair that is being designed especially for Lisa is going to be one in a million.and the new furnishings, OMG off the chart!


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By John Nazarian
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July 18, 2018
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