Why, if you are a practicing lawyer would you walk into any court and think that you can bullshit a sitting judge? Especially about the law and procedures? A few weeks ago, I was serving some poor unsuspecting target who was showing up for an appearance and once that was done I went to get a coffee to celebrate. I now celebrate little victories! While I was at one of my favorite entertainment spots in Los Angeles I stopped by The Honorable Judge Amy Pellmans courtroom.

I could see clearly that Judge Pellman was a little perturbed at the female attorney that was sitting in front of her. What was obvious to me was that somehow the lips of the attorney were moving, and her brain was in neutral. Annoyed, to the point that Judge Pellman was leaning forward just a little and from where I sat I would swear her two eyes were morphing into one! Judge Pellman was also speaking very clearly and in that Pellman Tone, straightforward and expecting an intelligent response.

Lips are moving but there is no sign of intelligence here.

The lawyer was talking and making little or no sense and I could tell she was just not telling the truth as to why nothing was done and the case was a mess. There was going to be no intelligent response to Judge Pellmans inquiries, not this morning. To make all this even worse is these darn judges do something I once did, they make notes on the cases before them for what I am guessing is to refresh their memory when you show up again. This lawyer had been warned previously by the Honorable Judge Pellman as to the mess she is creating. The judge had her notes.

Note: I was famous for putting notes on traffic tickets that I would write for violators for the judge to read and to also refresh my memory. Things like Screw you, F the Judge, I dont give an F about no ticket.all good stuff for that judgment day!

This should not have taken two years, And where exactly is your office?
where is your paperwork and why is it not here?..these were just a few of the questions I wrote as they were being asked by Judge Pellman.

When the haze cleared, I could see Judge Pellman sitting back and developing two eyes again. And BAM! the hammer fell. I am sanctioning you $500.00 dollars. Judge Pellman could not have been softer spoken or pleasant in her delivery. The legal beagle assured the court that she would get everything in order and ready for next time and things would be moving along in total compliance.


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
April 27, 2018
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