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Last week I happened to be at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, and as I often do, I like to roam around trying to get a beat on the action, or lack of, at the “Palace of Perjury.” Funny thing, I was reminded by a very well-known individual, who will remain nameless, on how the process of lying, being deceitful, deceptive or misleading is a cultural badge of honor for some cultures. Having traveled throughout the world and the Middle East I have to agree, it is true. “Getting over” on one or the other in a business deal, or just plain screwing over a relative or some innocent (brothers doing it to each other is very common) is an almost acceptable “family tradition,” if you will. And at some point, this behavior becomes dinner conversation for those involved with back-slapping and laughter. Almost with the collegiate attitude of “Next time, I will get you!” “Turkish Revenge” for some reason comes to my mind, from that movie with the young American man hanging upside down with his pants missing and the fat Turkish prison guard smiling, unzipping his pants. enough said.

He wore a big ol turban wrapped around his head
And a scimitar by his side
And every evening about midnight
He’d jump on his camel named Clyde…and ride

It is difficult at times to interview folks from the Middle East as to finding the truth. Being less than truthful is a survival skill in most of these places. Another interesting factor is how not telling the truth with a “Middle Eastern” accent always sounds sincere. Very similar, if you will, with “French.” A language that one can tell you to go “get intimate with your mother” and it almost sounds like an invitation for “lunch.” It was tough when I was a cop, interviewing some of these folks, as the story would be spoken to fit a need for one or the other involved. Guess what? This “lack of truthfulness” is alive and well in the world of DIVORCE to this very day. Sometimes as a writer and observer, I wonder if the pissing and moaning between lawyers is more often a question of “Zealous Advocacy or Jealous Advocacy.”

Note: Perjury, I have been told, has another spelling. Perjurian & Perjuryan. This is a very old Armenian word. These words go hand in hand with the now famous “Persian Two Step,” another term that I coined on this site 20 years ago. None of this is racist. This is all the truth, so help me god.

Well, back to the gold nugget I found in Department 2, the headquarters of The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis, Judge of the Superior Court. Out of the side of my eye, I see Ron Brot, of Brot & Gross, a law firm that specializes in DIVORCE here in Southern California. Brot is always good for a laugh, so I ask Ron what is going on and he tells me he is representing a law firm about a “motion for sanctions.” On the other side is a lawyer by the name of Melissa Brianne Buchman, Esq. I had never heard of this young lady until today in Dept. 2.

You’ve just been Brotted!

Well, I sat down and listened and was not surprised as to the opening by Ron Brot. Ron has a presence, and he is also one of those lawyers that I enjoy listening to, along with several others. Judge Lewis cut Ron short and wanted to get his take as to the “position” Ron was moving into as his opening began. And I could tell that Ron was listening carefully to Judge Lewis as he adjusted his suspenders. Brot was just beginning to idle as he was shifting into his gotcha scenarios.

The point is how when a client tells his or her lawyers that an “event” is taking place involving themselves and or children, how does a lawyer represent those “words” and “actions” in their paperwork. Ms. Buchman was of the opinion that the offending firm was not being truthful in how they described the events in their paperwork for an ex parte. Frankly, it comes down to an expression that “pigs really don’t know they stink.”

As Ron Brot made his point that actions, such as these, can have a very damaging effect on how a lawyer defends a client, and to what degree being too “zealous” in defending and attacking the other side. Ron was very clear as to the decision before the court could have an impact on these very issues as to how strong a stance does a lawyer take on behalf of his or her client. (keep in mind most clients are going to lie most often on some little issue or fact) Judge Lewis was also very clear that he wanted to understand clearly that in the course being an advocate that “truth and honesty” are just as critical. Ron’s presentation was clear and direct, and delivered with the sound of “Brot,” not to be confused with “The Sound of Music.”

Melissa B. Buchmann, Esq., was not swayed by Brot or his interpretations of the law and facts. Buchmann, Esq., took her best shot as to her thoughts on what she thought was “manipulation and misrepresentation” of the facts. Melissa was being an “advocate” and was aggressive. Judge Lewis questioned how the “bridge” from one thought was connected to another, and it appeared that “bridge” had fallen into the crevice of “false allegations or just great lawyering.” Judge Lewis asked tough questions of both Brot and Buchmann, and both responded. Ron Brot, Esq. was more, I feel, pointed and focused in a broad and reality-based position on the law.

New members welcome, or are they?

Buchman was emotional and was unloading as fast as she could to make her point and was switching from one foot to the other as she presented her position to the court. Unfortunately, it seemed that Ms. Buchmann was attempting to ice skate on sand. It was made clear that clients do lie and that was something I think all parties would agree on. “Liars Club ” membership is open to almost all parties entering into a DIVORCE.

When The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis made his decision, it was Ron Brot, Lawyer, who won. “Petitioner’s motion for sanctions filed January 8, 2018, against Respondent and his former counsel under Family Code 3027.1 is DENIED.” Again, you can stand and deliver, or stand and make noise. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that Buchman’s position was more emotional and in the end, it was just “noise.”

Note: I have been accused of writing articles and covering events only for those who hire Nazarian and Associates to work with their firms.Brot & Gross has not contributed a nickel to my welfare, or to that of my office or my family! In fact, if I had to depend on this firm for gas money for my Bentley, I would have to push that big white beast! Brot & Gross’s client base is not one that would utilize our services generally, we understand. So, for you all that think it is a “pay for play” to get mentioned on, you are wrong and here is the proof. God Bless America and President Donald J. Trump!



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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 19, 2018
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