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And the award goes to

Kobe Bryant gets an Oscar for Best Animated Short, Dear Basketball. Bryant narrated it. Just wonderful, the blacks are rolling in Hollywood after years of being treated unfairly. So it is reported. Blacks are everywhere and good for them. Hell, some of these black hosts have multiple shows, when do they sleep? Keep it coming; we must be vigilant to fix all these wrongs by the white privileged folks in charge. Have no fear; the Latinos are doing the same Where are my people so we will have at some point all black and latino movies and television shows coming to you soon.

Was it not sometime back in 2003, July 1, that a 19-year-old female made a report that good old Kobe had raped her? It was at a Colorado Resort, and it was not 30, 40 or 50 years ago, it was 16 years ago. It was also reported to police the next day! There was blood evidence on a T-shirt. It was the victim’s blood! Kobe admitted that the two had messed around. Unlike most of the charges against others who have seen their careers crash and burn, and based on accusations were never reported! Can this be true? Is Due process really dead in America?

I didn’t do anything. I tripped and fell on top of her and she started bleeding, so I thought I’d plug the hole.

Kobe was charged with a litany of charges. The victim, after terrible attacks in the media, she would change her story. The victim would receive death threats and attacks at all levels of her life, and her privacy was disappearing, and fast. The media attack on this victim was so severe that the reporting of rape cases in Colorado dropped considerably. What female rape victim wants to go through this kind of attack? Very few rape victims want to speak of the event at all. (when you have a great defense, and you can dirty up the other side, accuser, this is great stuff for an accused. All it takes is big money)

My point here is the hypocrisy, the nerve of these Hollywood phonies. Ryan Seacrest was accused by his stylist of all kinds of bumping and grinding. Seacrest was never charged but was accused via media. Ryan was not very popular on Oscar night. ABC, as well as Ryans production company RSP, have millions of dollars on the line with Seacrests success. Money is power in Hollywood, and there are millions behind Seacrest. There was big money behind the others too, but this is different. How do you ask? He is young, and many of those in power find him cute. It is reported that none of the big names hung out with Ryan on the Red Carpet this night. And those ridiculous fake smiles and looks of shock and none of those famous handshakes and air kisses with Seacrest. Personally, if I were Seacrest or several others who have had careers ruined solely on accusation, I would be furious! Furious that the new flavor of the day, #MeToo and #Times Up, is total and complete bullshit!

Oh, Precious!!!!

Here is the bottom line for me. Kobe Bryant is black, and his accuser was a 19-year-old white female. This alleged rape victim got attacked and backed away. Kobes wife got a big ass I am sorry ring. All is good! Blacks are almost a protected species today in Americaleave them alone. Sure, they are killing themselves in our major cities, but just back off.

Ryan Seacrest is white, and his accuser is white. He is simmering in a pool of misery, not knowing if the next phone call, or lack of, is the end of his career. Fair? Welcome to the new Hollywood.

Oh, I hear those cries from the rear asking What about Bill Cosby? He is black. Yes, but poor Bill admitted in a deposition to doing what he was accused of. Big difference folks, big difference. I have an idea. #BullshitAccusations. Pins for all!




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March 16, 2018
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