Whack-a-mole Ex Spouse Style–Patrick McDermott “Pops Up” Again

Early this month, investigator-to-the-stars John J. Nazarian was relaxing at his luxe 10-acre ranch north of Los Angeles, his Bentley and Rolls Royce in the garage and his prize horses roaming the property when his secretary walked into his large home office.

“He’s back,” she said….

“Who’s back?” Nazarian asked.

“Mr. McDermott’s back,” she said.

“Oh for Chrissake,” said Nazarian. “That clown. Again?”…

McDermott, who would now be 60, allegedly disappeared while he was a passenger on a small fishing boat called Freedom which took off from San Pedro, Calif., for an overnight trip on July 30, 2005. Passengers and crew gave differing reports about what happened to him and he was presumed drowned….

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By John Nazarian
©Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 27, 2017
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One Response to Whack-a-mole Ex Spouse Style–Patrick McDermott “Pops Up” Again

  1. John Nazarian says:

    In all fairness, it is not easy being a private investigator, and in all fairness, “we,” as P.I.’s, are attacked often, and many times it is not fair. But life is not fair and for me? I really do not care, say what you will. I try to be fair and even handed. However, I too have been attacked by people who would not have the balls to tell me to my face the crap that they get to say on these websites.

    It goes against my character to not speak my piece and I often lack a “filter” in my comments. That, too, is not going to change anytime soon.

    The two “others” in this story are also trying to make a living and trying to “toot” their own horns. The unfortunate thing is, they are are both “off key,” in my opinion. I was the first, and I had no book to sell and no agenda to fill. I was given a task by a network and we did as directed. All this additional hype is just that, as far as I am concerned. If someone has $25,000, plus my costs (I would consider flying American Business Class and not private), I would go and get a photo, I guess, of Mr. McD. So far as I have previously stated, lots of hype and no “meat” on the table.

    I wish Mr. Klein and Mr. Parker continued success in their chosen professions and thanks for all the laughs!


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