Really, No Water and Where’s the Coffee?

Once again another year and another Family Law Gala Dinner and Installation of Officers has come and gone. I have been to several of these events of this sort over the last 25 years, and it is fun to see folks that you have not seen recently, sometimes if you know what I mean. While I am thinking of who I love and who I don’t, I wish that this Gala Din Din had been handled by Ron Brot or Lisa Helfend Meyer, these two know how to throw a Gala. For proof, ever been to a Brot function? (If money was short, they should have asked Ron Brot, he would likely have paid for a quartet from his pocket) Or how about a party, or an event, put together by one of the best-dressed lawyers in America, Lisa Helfend Meyer. Even simpler, a light breakfast served at Ms. Meyers Century City Offices could be a Gala.

This Gala Dinner event was held at the new Indigo Hotel located in downtown Los Angeles, and it was not easy to get to. It was a nice hotel, and everything was clean and well presented. The Gala was nice and well received by those who sponsor. Sponsors are those who toss extra money to get the event up and running and to be nice. To all future organizers, maybe a little quartet or a couple of violinists, a little something extra would have been nice to go along with no water and good luck coffee. I say that as to try and get coffee, Good Luck!

They know how to PAAAARRTYYY!!!!!

The food you ask? Well, it was not the horrible stuff that is served annually by Levitt & Quinns “grab the money and run” benefit that they have cornered. Indigo Hotel put out some nice appetizers, however slow, and the main course was very tasty. The shrimp was nice with lots of garlic, and the steak filets, even though institutional in cut, was also nicely done and served on top of a puree of sweet potatoes. Also, it was served at an appropriate temperature.

Desert was a chocolate mousse. On my scale from 0 to 10, it was a 5. For these benefits and galas, the food is seldom over a two, so this was really good stuff! But there was no water served, at least at our table, and as I previously stated Good Luck Coffee. Adult refreshments too was an issue that I heard many complaints about. The free booze was short and not very sweet. And wine at dinner, for the most part, was also a no-show.

This evening was a ceremony for the new officers of the family law, Los Angeles County Bar Association. One of the wisest and most even-handed bench officers in the United States was awarded the Spencer Brandeis Award. The Honorable Mark A. Juhas was this evenings receiver of this award. My feelings for this man I think is clear.

For the sake of all in attendance, the speeches and comments were short and sweet, in other words, it was perfect. Another bench officer who officiated was the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. This is the guy, if you will, that has put Law into Family Law. Judge Lewis has carried this arm of the Superior Court into the modern day from a period of inefficiency and lacking any real direction.

Remember the plan in the earlier days of The Honorable Scott M. Gordon (former PJ) and The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis (current PJ). A time that I refer to as the Gordon & Lewis show. Judge Gordon and Judge Lewis had ideas on how to make things move faster, and it worked. Judge Gordon was also present for this evenings event, looking great as always.

BTW, it was the Honorable Scott M. Gordon who stomped all over the idea of Raman Polanski making nice with the criminal court system The defendant in this matter stands as a fugitive and refuses to comply with court orders. This was classic Judge Scott M. Gordon.

To be very honest, I am hoping this will be my last event. I am done with all this face time. Over 25 years of going to these events, I have had it with the food and the fakers. Hey, this is a fact. Lots of these people don’t care for each other, and in some cases, it is brutally obvious. A few of the pudgy old millionaires go so they can talk to the judges and try and make themselves feel as though they still matter. And again, it is all about keeping this ball in the air, and it is not easy. You look around the room, and it is the old lawyers still making things happen.the younger lawyers? I am not sure they see the value in the Gala Dinner.

The other obvious thing is those who don’t attend, also some very heavy hitters in the world of DIVORCE. They not only don’t go, they also don’t buy tables. It is almost expected for some of these events that the players would buy a table. Then, to appear gracious, send support staff to get a free meal and an evening out of the office. The only thing more fun then these Galas is the funerals. It should be a show of respect. However, these too, are opportunities to be seen and to mingle. These funerals are interesting as you can see the Azrael brushing off some of the older folks suits. And as I have stated in the past, a few of these fat-cats will have great, wonderful funerals as most will show up to be sure the bastard is really dead.


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 26, 2017
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