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Another one of my favorite places to visit is Department 43 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse located in downtown Los Angeles, possibly the DIVORCE capital of the modern world, the Honorable Judge Amy Pellman presiding. Judge Pellman has been in the trenches of public interest from her early beginnings of being a lawyer and always child-centered. Never looking to use a law degree to make millions but rather to do the right thing in protecting kids. This is Judge Amy Pellman presiding.

Well on this day, I had a feeling something special was going on in department 43. Showers, Sex, Guitars, Music, Grey Goose, broken toilet bowl, Canada and China, I was ready. I have not had this much information about two complete strangers in quite some time, and frankly, it was very fascinating. The players today are Jessie Korkola vs. Beidi Liu. Jessie is 22 and Beidi (pronounced Betty) is 26. Jessie is very likable, and I found his story believable. Nice kid from Canada and a good family. After all, they are Canadian. Now Beidi…I watched the video that was taken of her rampaging around Jessies apartment. Very interestingthis is a tough gal from China; I could see her smoking a big cigar and yelling at workers in a Chinese laundry.

And to think there are people whos only language is English and they couldn’t pass this…

Earlier Judge Pellman was trying to get a translator for Beidi as her English was not so strong, so stated Beidi Liu. Mr. Korkola had a lawyer who tried to present evidence that Beidi could likely recite the Gettysburg Address backwards and forwards. What counsel had was a certificate from Language Systems International College of English. The evidence was Most Improved Award ESL level 7 / Fall 2016. However, when Beidi was asked by Judge Pellman of her need for a translator she spoke in very clear English that she wanted a translator because it was the legal terms she was not sure of. Frankly, my opinion was that she was working the court in her attempt to play the victim. (after all, these people in need of a translator don’t have to pay for it, another freebie paid by us, the taxpayer) There was no question in my mind that if Beidi had wanted to, she could likely have put Jessie Korkola in ICU. Beidi Liu is one tough little girl.

Her understanding of the English language may have been an issue in fact. When asked by Judge Pellman if she wanted to ask questions of Jessie, even with a translator she was unable to ask a question that was focused. Beidi was pro-per. Not sure why it was felt that money was not an issue for this young lady and her family in China. Maybe Beidi Liu did not want moms to know that she is drinking vodka and giving 22-year-olds blow jobs? Blow Jobs in the shower that she was taking with Jessie and catching his excrement in her mouth. This was the testimony; I am not making any of this up!

I was shaving and nicked myself. Yeah, that’s the story….

At one point while Jessie Korkola was testifying, Judge Pellman asked why was the police not called. Why did he stay and put up with the violent encounters that seemed to make Ms. Beidi even stronger? Jessie Korkola states that after Beidi Liu gave him the blow job in the shower, he felt it was a happy time, and things would be better. How could you not be happy after that? Spoken like a true 22-year-old! Problem was likely Beidi did all the work. The knees? All Jessie did was just stand there! Doing what, shampooing Lius hair? Well, I am not real clear, but I think at some point Beidi, being the class act that she is, spit in Jessies face the happy ending he gave her in her mouth. Was this still a happy time? I am thinking not. (not real clear as to the exact location of the deposit, you can read the transcript if you so desire)

The violence that these two, Jessie and Beidi, put themselves through was perplexing to the court. Judge Pellman could not have been more patient with both parties. It did appear that the court was not pleased with the defense that was presented by Korkolas attorney. Practically all evidence as presented was not in a form that was suitable by law. Korkolas mom, who had traveled here from Canada, was credible in reference to the photo of Beidi Lius photo of a superficial cut to her throat with a message. (see photo) When questioned by the court her answers were clear and to some degree, equally as baffled as to why her son had stayed with his Chinese shower partner and had gone through all that they both testified to. (I am not sure how most kids can talk about blow jobs with mom present or even close by) I also found Mrs. Korkola credible as she spoke. Of course, she is there to support and to help her son, however, I also found Jessies responses credible. Ms. Liu? She struck me as the type that could go through hell and come out the other end serving cold drinks and singing happy shower songs. Chinese, tough, survival skills and smart, oh there was not a question in my mind that Beidi was smarter than Jessie. 4 years older, life skills that Jessie Korkola had not even begun to understand. At the rate Beidi Liu is going, I would not be surprised if she did not end up dead. As it should be obvious Grey Goose is not her friend, and her life style is not working well for her. This is just my opinion of Ms. Liu, she has what appears to be anger issues, and that with vodka is a potential formula for a trip to the coroner’s office.

Please don’t let my disturbedness disturb your undisturbedness.

Judge Pellman had issued a 3-year restraining order against Jessie Korkola the previous day and on this day, the next day, issued another against Beidi Liu. Both foreign nationals, and both likely under the current system, great candidates to be deported. To get a restraining order against yourself is a very serious issue. It is an issue that Judge Pellman made clear to both of them the seriousness of their actions and where they find themselves today. Ideally, they both should have walked away months earlier. There was talk of other girls for Jessie and an abortion for Beidi, all this is bad. If ever two people should stay away from each other, it is these two. Time will tell. I sincerely wish both of these young people nothing but the best and thank you for TMI in a judicial setting.


Photo’s on this page used with permission of Paula Elden, Esq.

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 22, 2017
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