Hanging at the Stanley

Well as strange as it may seem it is never really boring hanging out at the Stanley Mosk if you find the interaction between people in need (whether they know it or not) and The Courts. For almost 40 years I have found both the criminal courts and civil courts very fascinating. Had I been born in another time I believe I could have enjoyed fire and stakes, chairs to be dunked in, and of course, the gallows.

The last few days I visited the Honorable Judge Tamzarian, and without question, he is the most animated bench officer I have ever sat and watched. It is his facial expressions and smile that enunciate what he is saying, or not saying. This is another bench officer with a style very unique to his being. I can watch him for long periods of time and not get tired.yes, I too think this is odd. One golden comment was made to a member of the BAR when Judge Tamzarian wanted to remind the good lawyer that Your client decided to torture his wife, and being the talented lawyer, he tapped dance all around the court’s comment. Unfortunately for this lawyer, Judge Tamzarian was still smiling.

They are useful!

Talk about a new vibe at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in the DIVORCE courts; the system has gone paperless. The trees are swaying in the wind, and the trees are happy the paper usage is disappearing. The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis, the presiding judge, has moved forward with an amazing new system. Judge Lewis sees clearly the change in the appearance and style of the younger DIVORCE lawyers who come before him (the old ones are hanging out at Elmer’s Glue factory). Likely one of the most progressive bench officers ever has decided to make the system work efficiently (BTW the system was never meant to be efficient.) Judge Lewis knows exactly the direction family law is moving and he will be at the helm to assure the job gets done.

I’m just like any other person…..

Here is an interesting observation from my point of view, and as many of you know, it is my point of view that really counts. My recent observations of Wednesday and her puppy with my lovelies, Ms. Jacalyn Davis and Barking Bakman. My observations of these two were almost surgical, how I got to understand conflicts. (I really do enjoy both of these legal beagles, I really do.)

Well, I decided to stop in and visit with one of my all-time favorites, The Honorable Judge Christine Byrd. As I walked into her department, she was playing tennis with an attorney sitting before her. The attorney thought he was making hay and impressing his client. That was until out of nowhere there were no tennis balls, after all, Judge Byrd was tossing bowling balls! One of the most amazing things I have noticed, I am not sure how or why, Judge Byrd looks younger than when she first took the bench! No, I am not related to the Honorable Judge Byrd and have no interest to be on her good side, I am too old. (I also don’t want to upset any sitting judge either. However, I am sure I have a few times) I remember clearly her first day on the bench, and she looks great.My hopes and prayers are that she keeps doing whatever she is doing.


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 19, 2017
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