Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Last week I testified before the Honorable Bruce G. Iwasaki. He could not have been more pleasant. I have always enjoyed sitting in his courtroom and watching him dish out justice, except for the day he threw me out of his courtroom. I was tossed out for no other reason other than what a big fat lawyer who did not like me (can you imagine) made mention that I was a reporter. Without taking a breath, Judge Iwasaki had me removed from Dept. 63. When he was advised by press relations that he could not do that he closed his courtroom.

The issue that folks fail to clearly understand when entering Judge Iwasakis courtroom is truth. Finding the truth at the Palace of Perjury is not easy, and bench officers become a little, let’s say difficult, trying to get to the truth. In the case I testified to was a little sad, in a funny way. The X decided to tell the Honorable One that he was not home on a certain date, and it was for that reason he could not test for any drug usage. Problem! I took a video of X at his poolside on that very date, and he was very much at home. BAM! The Honorable Judge Iwasaki was not pleased, as he already knew that before I took the stand, that Mr. X was not being truthful. When The Lie Bell goes off in Dept. 63, you might as well throw a sheet over are dead!

always the fodder, never the gunner

No matter what Judge Iwasaki does in his little world of Department 63, I will always find him entertaining and humorous. I enjoy Iwasaki and his delivery of his judicial stew, over cooked or cooked to perfection. Even though all it might take is a Big Fat Liar Liar lawyer trying to get me tossed out due to an unflattering storyand some lawyers will always be cannon fodder for, as you are so entertaining for us.


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 9, 2017
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