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Everyone knows that DESPERATEEXES.com is a point of contact for lightning strikes and for too many years to count a hobby for a guy who tries to be fair and even handed in his coverage of the day’s events as he sees fascinating, John J. Nazarian.

As I always say, being a judge in today’s world is not easy and is often thankless and difficult to do, the making the tough decisions. There are two bench officers that I met in my early days and have the highest levels of respect. I learned an important word, compassion.

For almost 19 months I have been hearing of Judge Timothy Patrick Dillon. Funny, he could have been destined to be a priest with a name like that. Lawyers are actually telling us/me what a great judge he is and how he is taking care of business. Judge Dillon is a graduate of State University of New York at Albany and College of William and Mary Marshall School of Law. Judge Dillon was appointed by Governor Jerry Moon Beam Brown during the month of July 2015 to become a judge. This is one that Brown got right.

In my research on this bench officer, I found that Judge Dillon was in private practice for several years and at one time was a partner of Glaser, Weil, Fink, Jocobs, Howard, Auchen & Shapiro, LLP., the one time home of Terry Christensen and current home of Patricia Glaser. Judge Dillon was also involved with other firms during his career. Over the last several months I have heard amazing things about how Judge Dillon handles his court and with a sense of fairness as to the time he gives to people to express themselves. Compassion. Could this be the word.I set out to find out.

I sat in on Judge Dillons court, Dept. 88, on multiple days and was impressed. His demeanor is very disarming, his use of his words are not to harm but to lead. From the time I sat in his courtroom, I was impressed with his ability to get the job done and with knowledge of the court, and he reads! It was almost church like. Did I hear angels singing? No, I was hearing lawyers, lawyers lamenting what miserable careers they got and their clients are not paying. Still, the feeling in Dept. 88, Judge Dillons courtroom, is still peaceful if you will, and the grumblings and ramblings seem to drift off.

Again, I have to bring to surface this was likely one of the most famous courtrooms in Los Angeles when Judge Gordon was sitting here. Judge Dillion is not a Judge Gordon; however, as respected as Judge Gordon was, I predict so will be The Honorable Timothy Patrick Dillon. Amen


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 19, 2017
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