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Sugar Plum Dreams


ALLAN IDOV, DAD, wins a spectacular against TRACY HOLLAND, MOM and John J. Nazarian are mentioned in court papers filed today on the Tracy Holland v Allan Idov domestic violence hearing today July 13, 2017. Yes, Tracy Hollands legal team mentions John J. Nazarian and in their papers about a story published on July 12, 2017! JUST BEFORE THESE VERY SAME LAWYERS LOST BIG TIME!!! That we/I are the agents of Allan Idov. Really? The reality is this, dipshits! I had forgotten all about this case, as it was a nothing assignment.until Lurch thought it would be cute to mention my name and PRESTO!!!!! I took another interest in this case, and here we go!

How about this? I have press credentials and can go into any place I desire and sit and listen and write my stories. Our readers demand to know what is going on in our DIVORCE courts, and a DV hearing can be very fascinating. I will be continuing my sitting in Judge Christine Byrds court in the coming weeks.

Who knew sewing was harder than being a lawyer.

How about this being the real problem that Larry Bakman and Jacalyn Davis lost big time in Dept. 64? I enjoy Larry Bakman aka Barking Bakman, and he is great to listen to and to watch. Larry was hilarious at times during his closing arguments. Larry does like doing what he does. Davis? She could have stayed home reading fashion magazines or sewing; she would not have been missed during this entire hearing.

However, I am thrilled that Ms. Davis showed up. Thanks for all the laughs, sweetie! Back to Bakman. This is why Bakman had a gig on TV pretending to be a judge; he is entertaining. His co-counsel? Well, Jacalyn Davis will never, ever have to worry about sitting in the first chair. Frankly, after this loss, she will need permission to leave her desk. I am guessing that Wednesday Addams did not like Thursday in Dept. 64, The Honorable Judge Mark A. Juhas presidingI am also betting that Tracy Holland is not happy! Plus, to add insult to a HUGE LOSS was that Judge Juhas gave Lisa Helfend Meyer $75,000.00 in fees! OMG! Ms. Holland, I predict that you are going to be paying lots more in fees in the future. From here, it is my opinion this case just gets worse, if that is possible. I assure you of one thing, Lisa Helfend Meyer and crew are all laughing all the way to the bank, with their peanuts.

Some people got to have it, yeah
Some people really need it
Talkin’ y’all do things, do things, do things, bad things with it

What Larry Bakman did, in my opinion, was to pretty much insult the court, insult a sitting judge, Judge Mark A. Juhas! Barking Bakman came prepared for a Cha Cha, and everyone else was doing a waltz. Sorry! Judge Juhas threw out the Domestic Violence charge and dismissed the TRO.oh well; maybe the issue should be what these two lawyers representing Tracy Holland did! The level of aggression was off the chart and frankly, bordered on bullying. Bullied opposing counsel, Allan Idov (dad), and to some degree tried to bully the court. For sure I found the interaction with the court and Bakman very entertaining. And we all know the courtroom is for serious business and there is a decorum of respect that is expected.

Now, DAD did win this one and now should try to get his parenting skills worked on and take a breath. A well-deserved breath that Lisa Helfend Meyer and two of her associates got for Allan. Lisa Helfend Meyer and her two other female lawyers took the insults and snide comments from opposing counsel, and in the end, The Peanut Gallery came through for Allan Idov, using a very clever tool. That tool was the knowledge of the Law,’ family law, the codes and a great deal of respect for all present in this, a court of law!

Won’t you dance, into my parlor….

So, I am guessing, Mr. Bakman got his wish, he can now go to the court of appeals. If he does not, he will look silly after all the threats and chest pounding he participated in. And why not? Tracy Holland makes $5,000,000.00 a year. When a lawyer has a client like Tracy Holland, it is sugar plum time. Mr. Bakman does not make $5,000,000.00 a year. However, he is working on making some big money, and I think he enjoys plums. I love a nice ripe plum. Nothing better than having a client with lots of plums. Oops, I meant money and the desire for getting at least one win. Maybe next time?

Like throwing those goofy balls at the Kewpie Dolls on the boardwalk, trying to knock one down for a win of a stuffed animal. And the damn cost of that stuffed animal in the end? It would be cheaper just to buy one. Sometimes it is cheaper to try and settle with the X -Hubby or X-Mommy and go on to a happy and continued prosperous life with no conflicts, just plums. My very best to all parties, thanks for the laughs, and most of all the education of what not to do in a court of law.


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 14, 2017
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