White Privilege

President Donald John Trump, the 45th President of the United States, I and my family voted for him. Have we been disappointed? Very much so, disappointed in the way the American press and media have attacked every level of this mans life. Attacking his young son, his daughter, older sons and anyone else in his family. It has made it very clear to everyone who has not had ones head buried in the sand to realize the power of the press. Powerful to such a degree that the act of Jesus changing water into wine, had anything like what we have today as to media would have pitched a bitch that it was not a Zinfindel.


Get rid of the professionals. If this works, we can get rid of the professional police, firefighters, and doctors…

Oh for sure that during the campaign Trump was on top of his game and got great results! He was saying what many of us were wondering and thus it happened and who you wonder did the voting? The silent majority is sick and tired of just that, being sick and tired! I would have voted for St. Pattys Pig, I just was not going to vote for Hillary R. Clinton. The people have spoken and to watch the media and a collection of citizens attack this president has to be a great laugh outside of this countries borders. It is evident that people like myself and millions of others are just done with the Professional Politician. Personally, I am also sick of what is now called white privilege and that I and my family should be ashamed of what we have done financially in our lives.

We have a governor in California who wants to give $15,000,000.00 to a fund to defend against illegal aliens being deported. Let me see; we pay our agents in Homeland Security to go and apprehend those here illegally. Then they are prosecuted and or sent back to their home countries and then BAM, here comes Governor Brown wanting to give them tax payer money to help them fight our own government? How about those who are homeless and hungry who happen to be American citizens and sleeping in parks and on the streets?

We should get rid of all the illegal’s and their descendants, so only the real Americans are left…

Or this lunatic who now wants to give the poor and others who cry the loudest breaks as to the penalties and fees the rest of us have to pay if ticketed for traffic and other violations. The governors proposal was praised by Democratic state Sen. Robert Hertzberg, who authored a bill last year that initially would have stopped the DMV from suspending the license of someone who doesnt pay traffic tickets. Facing opposition from judges and law enforcement, Hertzberg said, the bill morphed to focus on speeding up claims for the traffic amnesty program, which Hertzberg helped to establish. Note: so if you are foolish to pay your inflated fine, it is you who will look silly as for someone else, they will get amnesty and a freebie?

I am excited Gov. Brown recognizes the importance of drivers licenses to Californians struggling to make ends meet and how unfair it is to suspend licenses for people who cant afford to pay court fees or fines, Hertzberg said.

They’ll never think a nice, white guy like me would do anything like this..

This is just two examples of what White Privilege is sick of having to deal with. Why do we obey or at least try to not get traffic tickets? So we don’t have to get screwed by insurance companies and the courts for what are ridiculous fees! However, now thanks to professional politicians like Hertzberg and Brown they want to give another part of our society a financial break for violating the law? Slice it, frost it any way you like, it is just another kick in the ass for the taxpayer.

These two examples from California are just two examples of why President Donald John Trump won the office of President of the United States. We as a nation truly need to get rid of the professional politician, they are destroying the United States in so much as using it as a cash cow. How do so many of these professional politicians leave or remain in office and become so damn rich? Again I really do believe that we have a silent majority in this country and at some point that could be called something else, patriots.

“I can walk down the street and kill someone and people will still love me..”

Personally, the issues that are being fanned involving President Trump to red hot conditions is nothing more than making mole mounds into mountains. Every president comes into office with trying to get his footing and is often helped along the way. Not President Trump, he came from the outside of the world of Professional Politicians, and for that reason President Trump and his family are targets. It almost feels like a conspiracy. Look up the word. Is there a better word for what we are listening to and watching every night on the news?

I am going to wrap this up with this, White Privilege is not a really fair description, as there are many different people who are successful of color and can also be categorized as privileged. Sure privileged for not attacking the police, burning down our neighborhoods, paying our taxes, taking our kids to school and trying to survive in what can be difficult times. I will wear my White Privilege badge with pride, pride in who we are and proud as hell that we voted for someone like President Donald Trump!


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 28, 2017
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