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Wedgies and Divorce – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Wedgies and Divorce

Some things just do not seem to change, such as DIVORCE actions and those who have to sit with black robes that must listen to the legal mumbo jumbo and have their intelligence insulted on a daily basis. I still wonder how judges do it with such patience and to a huge degree an understanding. There are at times I am shocked at how patient these bench officers are. An understanding that these folks – litigants through their chosen lawyers, their lies and misdirection is the exact same thing someone will do several times a day and dozens of times through the week. And it is a bench officer that will have to sit and read and listen and try to find the truth.


The reason moths don’t have balls

What and where I am talking about here is the infamous Stanley Mosk aka The Palace of Perjury. It is a place where no one, or damn near no one, tells the truth. Finding the truth in DIVORCE court is almost as tough as finding moth balls. Holding them by their wings and looking is tough!

I spent some time the other day in Department 2. This is the home plate, if you will, of DIVORCE at the Stanley. And sitting there making this mill churn out results is the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis. Note: Remember the Gordon / Lewis show of several years ago? Gordon went to Heaven aka Criminal Courts. And right back at what he has done what seems like forever is one of the finest Superior Court Judges to ever wear a robe! The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis, speaking to and not at the people who sit in front of him, some with lawyers and some without.

Judge Lewiss patience and humor seems to never ever end. He has to be tired, he has to know the law, he has to be effective and his goal is always trying to get to the real facts and move the hate, revenge, lies and high paid lawyers through the mill. Welcome to Department 2. Judge Lewis will find you a court and will get you what you came for, your day in court. And I must remind you, careful what you wish for. And one other thought, you are paying for this either in cash or in time and aggravation. After thinking about this, it could very well be all the above.

Paperwork? uhmmm…..can I get back to you on that?

My next stop is at one of my favorite stops again, The Honorable Amy Pellman. She is back and if I could just wake up slip into my uggs, I would swear that Judge Pellman never left. As I walk in I can tell that Judge Pellman is not pleased with the two lawyers sitting in front of her who seem to be using each other for excuses as to why none of the required paperwork is done and nothing is timely! And there they sit, trying to blow smoke in the direction of Judge Pellman.not smart.

I am guessing that these two card carrying members of the state bar have never been in front of Pellman. This is going to be interesting. I bust out my pen and pad and start taking notes. And as I suspected, I am not disappointed. Judge Pellman explains step by step as to what they are saying is not making one bit of sense to her. Judge Pellman has notes and dates, and the other problem is this bench officer has a great recollection. Well, pretty soon she is advising all parties to go outside and figure this out. Judge Pellman takes at least 20 minutes to explain to the lawyers and the litigants that they are $5,000.00 away from being adults and doing the right thing! (doing the right thing is not fun if you have the money and want to just screw with each other and take valuable time of the court) By the time she is through it would appear that both lawyers are having a little trouble walking with what seems like severe wedgies. This will likely hasten the time it takes for these two lawyers to smarten up and get with Judge Pellmans program! Stop playing games, get their clients to discuss the issue and move this case on! Pretty simple when you understand that the old days of just showing up in court and getting paid are not going to be accepted and will be addressed by the court.

My next article will be on Judge Timothy Patrick Dillen, soft spoken, very patient and from what I am hearing, knows the law. Stand by for my thoughts on another favorite, Judge Mark A. Juhas, a bench officer who has been around and is now in Long Cause.

I am back 🙂

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
May 24, 2017
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