The Master Plan

The following article is my thoughts and is based on experiences of traveling the world as a very young child. An experience that once again finds me reviewing how smart my father got as I grew older! This thought process started for me in my 30s, before that I pretty much knew it all. Arrogance or a process of maturity? Or having to think on my own from the time I fell out of my mother’s womb, survival skills are what some might say. It is my sincere hope and deep rooted beliefs that America will develop survival skills as it is infiltrated with a “master plan” in play.

How about this remembrance, my father’s ship was docked in a seaport in Turkey, and there was a disturbance in the cargo hold. ( Containers and the ships that would carry them, a system that would change the United States Merchant Marine and the men who loaded the cargos and unloaded them at the designated ports from the many levels within the ships forever ) One of the stevedores had hit another for some unknown reason with a weapon. These problems were common in and around the docks in certain regions of the world. The first mate came to report his findings to my father, the captain of the ship, of the incident. As it would be it was a group of Muslims who a contractor employed to unload at this port as was a custom way cargo and cargo-passenger ships were loaded and unloaded in certain parts of the world.

My father was not a fan of Muslims. He was highly educated and a true man of the world ( for many reasons, one being the Genocide of 1915, this he was not going to forget ) as he had been dealing with this group since he was a teenager and now as a captain, his thoughts had not changed much. Muslims will always be a problem it is just their nature . Now, this was in the early 60s, a time when people in these countries across the globe would line up to kiss your ass as an American citizen. Now, many plots to kill us in these very same places that I traveled with my father as a child. My fathers comment was based on years of traveling the globe and as the Captain of several Ships. These ships were both cargo, cargo-passenger, and passenger in the day when sea travel was very spectacular, and ships looked like ships, not floating boxes drifting the seas as they do today. Ships such as the S.S. United States, The France, The Savannah the first nuclear-powered passenger ship and the Leonardo Da Vinci, these were ships that happened to look like works of art, back to my point.

move on. nothing to see, just a wooden horse....
Move on. nothing to see, just a wooden horse….

Don Boys, Ph.D. wrote a book titled, ISLAM AMERICAS TROJAN HORSE that title says it all as far as I am concerned! Boys took the words right out of my mouth friends. We keep hearing the uninformed and historically ignorant of history and behavior and desire of those who follow Islam and their Master Plan of Muslims & Islam . That plan is world domination,’ in some ways it is payback for what happened in ancient times that is historically still stinging. Muslims and their beliefs are all covered very well in the Koran, the Islamic sacred book. Take a little time and read through it and see as a non-Muslim do you get a feel for all things Muslim.

When I hear people, say this is a nation built on the sweat of immigrants they are 110% correct. Problem # 1, there are people who are here pretending to be American loving people when in fact they hate America and all Americans and what we stand for, real simple. Many of these Trojan Horses are just waiting to strike and strike they will. Unfortunately for many of those who support the Muslims and their religion do not understand that they are infidels and a plan exists in the Koran on how to deal with infidels, and it is Not Nice.

Ooops......someone forgot to shut the door.
Ooops……someone forgot to shut the door.

England and France will become Muslim strongholds, Muslims will take over all aspect of government and life in these countries, and it will happen in my grand childrens lifetime. Then watch the change, for these two countries it is too late, Germany was going in that direction, I don’t think it will be as easy for the same kind of foothold in Germany as the other two. The future of England and France are sealed and delivered; the future is looking these people in the eye.

The Master Plan, is to take over the world one country at a time and to do it as the poor minority and then in time they become the majority. The mindset is if it takes 10, 50, 100 years whatever it takes it is all good. The only savior America will have will be Patriots who will do what is right for the America, the America I grew up in. The Muslims in America today are doing it all correctly, playing the media game, they have all their groups that support them and have mastered the victim game . No one plays the Victim better, even if an event has to be staged from within, fake media will bite the line every time.

The founding fathers of this country had great and strong thoughts and beliefs for the America that was being founded. The founding fathers did not know what would happen in hundreds of years. President Trump is correct as to his concerns to not allow any more immigrants into this country, America. America is under attack, and for the liberals, it will be their family members bearing the burden with the mosques and those who occupy these dens. Racist thoughts? I still live in a world that truth and right to speak one’s piece is still a right I cherish. Truth really does hurt, and sometimes a little pain is better if dealt with in reality.

Supporters of a Pakistani religious group Jamaat-e-Islami chant slogansa after burning a depiction of a U.S. flag during an anti American rally in Multan, Pakistan. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer)
After playing Willie’s “Roll me up and smoke me” while burningAmerican flags, one man died from smoke inhalation.

I have a huge handicap in trying to figure out innocent Muslims and those that deep in their being have the hate and desire to destroy by any means necessary this country. My country, a country that I have never awoken in and had any desire to destroy. Boys mention in his book that in effect a Muslim witness to the State Department made mention that an extremist sect from Saudi Arabia controls 80% of the American Mosques. This makes sense to me based on my belief that a Master Plan exists.

To the liberals and those who believe in rainbows that drop Skittles, in time, again, not this generation but generations to come will shed blood due in fact for not supporting those who are yelling fire . No fire yet? There is smoldering with the occasional flame up.’

Flame Up you wonder? New York twice and of course San Bernardino and of course Orlando.our founding fathers did not have this Islam on their mind and certainly the flying of passenger jets into our buildings. Nor the wholesale slaughter of innocents on national television. President Trump is being attacked for trying to stop the rush to our borders by refugees in general, I agree fully. If you believe that all those attempting to enter this country are desirous of Americas well being? You should be neutered and or spade for fear you may breed!

When they are asked to give their all, including their lives, why can't the gov't give back to them?
When they are asked to give their all, including their lives, why can’t the gov’t give back to them?

When we as a country can take care of our veterans and the homeless and hungry that inhabit our cities streets, I might change my thoughts. Most likely I wont, as it stands today I am anti-refugee, and I am not in favor of any more Muslims being allowed to enter this country. There, I said it. America is under attack, and as my father said to me on the bridge of the Flying Endeavor, Muslims and Islam are a problem. They / This for America is not a good thing, and the problem is not going just to go away. The idea and the picture, that damn picture of the Trojan Horse, Americas Trojan Horse.





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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
March 18, 2017
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