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The Honorable Judge Maren E. Nelson has been the presiding judge since the Honorable Scott M. Gordon moved on to the ultimate stage of being the PJ over at the criminal courts! Judges at the criminal courts are almost God-Like! The poor bench officers in DIVORCE court are like the tidal keepers, dealing with the vengeance of the once happily married. I say tidal keepers as they try to clear the crap from the water so that there can be some clear sailing and an occasional dip in the ocean of reality.



Hey, can you hand me some toilet paper?
Hey, can you hand me some toilet paper?


The tone and cadence of Dept. 2 ,frankly for me, went right down the crapper when Gordon left. Gordon exits and Nelson entered. Many in the know found this appointment surprising. Nelson? What about Lewis, Goldberg, Yuhas? Nelson was a bit of a surprise. She is a very educated and well-read bench officer, but was a surprise from the position of not being one of the boys, I guess.


No, dont get me wrong, Judge Nelson is not particularly interesting to watch unless she gets a little snaggletoothed and barks at some poor bastard that has crossed her! Then it is definitely Nazarian Time, and I jot down my thoughts and observations and get them up on DESPERATEEXES.com.

I'm just resting my eyes....
I’m just resting my eyes….

My problem with Judge Nelson is that she is no Judge Gordon or Judge Lewis! Many of you will recall my thoughts on the Gordon & Lewis show. When Gordon and Lewis were at the Stanley, this place was like the old Ford assembly line, stuff was getting done! Nelson also got things done, I just found myself tilting and snoring while seated in the audience. Judge Nelson did a good job and now she is off to another position in the land of the Superior Court.

Well, the sun is coming up and again we are going to be seeing The Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis at the Mosk. Judge Lewis will be the new presiding judge for DIVORCE court. Department 2 will be getting what I think is one of the best judges on the bench (there are several others that I love, Lewis, however, is in a class all by himself). Judge Lewis was presiding over in the long cause. It appeared to all sitting in the audience that Judge Lewis was happy!

Happy for a judge like Judge Lewis is taking care of business and moving the calendar along. All at the same time listening, reading and making the decisions for DIVORCE litigants who can’t do it for themselves! Long Cause earned that name due to just that, cases that seemed to have taken on lives of their own! Having Judge Lewis in that position was a great decision. Just like many professions, some are more talented than others, Judge Lewis is one of those people who can handle any judicial assignment that he is assigned to. There is not much that Judge Lewis has not dealt with and thus, will have an answer and a solution for those of you who find yourself confused.

We here at DESPERATEEXES.com are thrilled to have the Honorable Thomas Trent Lewis back at the Stanley! Department 2 could be a place that I will be sitting, in the back and taking notes, sipping my coffee from the 9th floor!


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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
November 5, 2016
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