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Well, just as I had to remove and apologize to a law firm who I was told was going to go away around the first of the year, I got another good tip! The DIVORCE lawyers in So. Calif, for the most part, are in shambles. Dont get me wrong, the money still flows into the fat cat coffers daily. All the once big players are falling like flies in a Raid commercial.

Gone are Trope and Trope. Rumors abound that other firms are laying off and or cutting back on staff. As I have previously stated, many of the old guys and gals will be likely be working out of the Jewish Home for the Aging. Nah, I am just joshing ya here. These men and women are sooooooo rich, just filthy rich, they will likely die in nice digs and or comfy hospital beds! Plus, as I recall from my days as an apprentice embalmer, the rich often live longer than the working class, they just do.

Well back to my tip. The last time I saw Dennis M. Wasser, Lawyer…Dennis is the founder of Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles, big dollar operation. Well, I saw Dennis at Judge Ken Blacks funeral at Hillside. He was sitting behind me and looked…well, he looked like Dennis M. Wasser, white and rich!

Hey, folks, a little update on Dennis Wasser. Talk about tough, I have it from reliable sources that he is doing well and NEVER spent one night in the hospital! All those years of dealing with miserable DIVORCES had to have given himsome god given strength. Nothing to kid about, Dennis is doing fine and is following the doctor’s advice and taking it easy at home. Note: want to get sicker than when you arrived? Go stay in a hospital, I speak from direct knowledge, ALL hospitals are like petri dishes, growing all kinds of crazy diseases. Good for Dennis if he avoided all that drama and is staying home.

and still didn't learn anything......
and still didn’t learn anything……

One other thing Dennis M. Wasser was famous for was the allegation that he wired tapped his best friend, another fat cat DIVORCE lawyer. (This was during the Kerkorian debacle. Surprised someone would do this to a friend? Are you kidding? Most of these people would slap their mother for the birth canal being too tight) This was during the Pellicano saga that everyone thought many BIG SHOT DIVORCE lawyers were going to go down, like Chinatown. They did not only one fell on his face with amazing shock and awe. The rest walked away feeling as if they had dodged a howitzer, and in time they all became arrogant fucks as they were prior. Feeling like they were back in the saddle again, and frankly, they are, even if some cannot remember their names.

Hey, just thought I would stop by and say Hi. Haven't seen you since I took my vacation at club fed...
Hey, just thought I would stop by and say Hi. Haven’t seen you since I took my vacation at club fed…

Well, Anthony Pellicano took all his secrets, and I am sure notes, to prison with him, to a Federal Lock Up. Anthony left his family penniless and homeless, very sad story. The other sad story is those lawyers who think they dodged that howitzer? They are all going to pay big time when the Pellican gets out and fluffs his feathers. And pay they will, what choice will they have? Ever try saying no to a guy who has done almost 20 years in prison for YOU? Good Luck with that friends, death might be easier!

We wish Mr. Wasser a speedy recovery and welcome to the changing face of Southern California DIVORCE, almost the entire bunch are looking like grapes, the ones used for raisins.


updated: 9-15

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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 11, 2016
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