Banana’s and Red Noses

Let me begin this little ditty if you will with the press release by Blank Rome, dated June 28, 2016. This is a huge law firm on the East Coast with a presence throughout the world. I recall this firm from my earlier days as a teenager. My fathers shipping lines, I vaguely recall, used their services. They are an impressive and powerful group of very talented attorneys providing services from soup to nuts. Thus we find Phillips Lerner. How did this get pulled off? Stacey Phillips. Really? This almost sounds nuts and or a barrel of monkeys. With Stacey Phillips and this crew, feel free to pick one.

Your mouth was moving but nothing intelligent came out...
Your mouth was moving but nothing intelligent came out…

Blank Rome LLP is pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2016, four attorneys and additional staff from Los Angeles top family law firm, Phillips Lerner Is this the same firm that literally fell apart under Sticey Flips laughable management style? Pleased to announce That is a first, I am sure, with anything Phillips Lerner has ever done. Top Family Law Firm Top of what? Joe Shits the ragman has more of a presence in and around the courts in Los Angeles than Phillips Lerner will ever have.



We like close, intimate parties......
We like close, intimate parties……


Again, folks, this is just my opinion I am expressing here. Did Blank Rome ever go back and ask what happened to all the former partners? This firm once had a large letterhead, and now they can hold their office parties in a shipping container, a small shipping container.





And we just hired the Queen....
And we just hired the Queen….

The team brings extensive experience advising high-net-worth clients on some of the most important legal transitions in their lives including divorce, custody, paternity, domestic partnerships, and dealing with domestic violence matters. One must wonder when a firm like Blank Rome makes a decision of this calibre, how hard did they look? This just being my opinion once again here folks. I could have found several more talented lawyers with great books of business and never left my ranch. I can remember the first time I saw Stacey Phillips years ago, I think it was in department 88, Judge Scott Gordon presiding. I immediately thought of Stephen Sondheims brilliant song, Send in the Clowns.


I get the job, no?
I get the job, no?

There are two things that excite me most about joining Blank Rome: having the opportunity to collaborate with my new colleagues from coast to coast, and contributing to the Firms deep tradition of, and commitment to, pro bono and community service. My initial knee jerk reaction is BULLSHIT! This was Stices response, all that is missing is it will also be nice to have a Job! This partnership is beyond funny. Leave it to Flips, she is always going to survive. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, I want to be sitting next to her. Sure cockroaches, Flips and me, we will all survive! A friend of mine, who will remain nameless, told me one day when we were BSn that if you love bullshit you are going to love chocolate! Blank Rome, enjoy your Phillips Lerner box of chocolates! Good luck to Blank Rome, those of us in the know give this relationship 8 months max!

Yeah, you'll need it.
Yeah, you’ll need it.

Damn it, I am rambling now, but I need to vent. I recall on another boring day at the Stanley Mosk I sat and listened again to Ms. Phillips, and no there was no music. No music at all. However, as Ms. Phillips attempted to make her point a funny thing happened. It comes back clearly to me even to this day, As Sticey Flips began to present her case, it sounded like an opera singer with loose teeth. Well, we wish this crew of lawyers all the best and good luck, you are going to need it. We often tell our potential clients to go to court and to listen to the judges, the lawyers and to get a feel of what it is they are getting themselves into. You know, a little knowledge can sometimes be helpfulor the lack of can get you some pretty good eats!




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By John Nazarian
Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 9, 2016
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