Fletched II:The Appeal

Never let it be said that I dont keep my promises when I said there would be more!!!! Many of you gave us insane numbers for the Fletchers Ex-wife Fletched by Her Lawyers. Not sure if it was the extravaganza of lawyers on parade or the fact that Hubby sells a whole lotta of cars and loves himself on TV and Radio. Who in So. Cal. has not heard one of those stupid adds selling Mercedes in New Newport Beach? Here we have Fletcher Jones Gets Fletched II:The Appeal. Fletcher Jones, Jr. wins again with Wasser, Cooperman & Carter at the helm.

I knew I had it, then BAM....they dropped the hammer.....I knew I was fucked..
I knew I had it, then BAM….they dropped the hammer…..I knew I was fucked..


Well, when his wife, Kimberly M. Jones, decided to put Fletcher Jones Jr. out with the trash, the entire event you might say blew up in her face. A sitting judge felt that the legal bills were not money well spent (read it here folks) and in the minds of several appellate judges involved in the appeal, they thought likewise. (Please see Judge James L. Waltzs thoughts, OUCH!)





Can I get extra holes, plz?
Can I get extra holes, plz?

Well, as I have stated it would appear that a bunch of judges up in Nevada pretty much shared Judge James L. Waltzs thoughts in their decision. The Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, docket # 66632, shot down the appeal of Kimberly Jones. So bad was the decision against Ms. Jones that the Swiss have a name for such things, it is called Swiss Cheese extra holes please. In their ORDER OF AFFIRMANCE, another ouch I am thinking for Kimberly M. Jones and her legal team. (working on what the appeal cost and will update you folks upon receiving that information, ONLY IF IT IS PUBLIC) Want to make sure we have dotted our is and crossed those dam ts.


Wanna smell my finger?
Wanna smell my finger?

If Kimberly M. Jones is not wondering what the hell she got herself into when she filed for DIVORCE, I would be surprised if Jones is not scratching her ass and wondering now. LMAO. Kimberly, you got so slammed in the Nevada court the first time, girl what were you thinking to do it again? Much is said about legal fees, and to some extent investigative fees, in the course of DIVORCE and this case certainly is no different. Something that I am reminded of often is that my participation in a DIVORCE case is short and focused. Why you ask? Well, my book of tricks is small and effective, to be sure, when used correctly. I did not have to go to law school to learn volumes of humorous positions to assume in the process of litigation. And some positions taken are sometimes so funny that you often wonder Really? For many lawyers in the world of DIVORCE the target is the moon, if someone can pay the freight! I am not going to give my opinion on this, the documents speak for themselves, enjoy!!!

We be the Supremes and we say Stop in the name of....whatever...just stop.
We be the Supremes and we say Stop in the name of….whatever…just stop.


Special thanks to the ‘Supremes of Nevada, Hardesty, Douglas, Cherry, Saitta, Gibbons, Pickering. These six justices pretty much iced that cake with their version of Stop in the Name of Love, or lack of.




Read the decision here


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August 2, 2016
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